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bikinjo – Thurs, Fri. 3/13 & 14

Thurs. 3/13, Fri. 3/14 – no biking due to strain-type issue – not caused by ex., but possibly aggravated by bike seat placement, so took rest. Water intake increasing, must start measuring. Sleep closer to desired sked. Food intake: 1 balanced light meal each day + 1/2 banana, scone, latte(non-fat) Fri. Bike seat lowered for Sat.


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BikinJo – Tues. 3/11 & Weds. 3/12

Missed posting this Tues. Warmup Ex. ;Cont. 8 mins. pedalling on sta. bike; pulse steady pre and post exercise. Sleep sked working around for earlier a.m. start. Gradual inc. water intake. Brunch mid-aft. bowl fresh fruit; lt dinner and dessert.

Weds. No warmup or ex. today as feeling inapprop. discomfort left groin with full leg extension. Cont. work around on sleep sked. Intake basically as prev. day.

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