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Sara – a cloudy day today – not much walking probably.

Bonjour, tout le monde, j’etudie mon francais (Claude, I wonder if a symbols page is available as an add-on to Firefox?  this just occurred to me…) et je parle a moi-meme plus souvent.  Bien sur, je me comprends toujours, parce que mes phrases sont tres simples… 🙂

And now for the steps!  Volleyball, non plus – they are now playing on a sand court & last week it was really hot.  Also I think some did get tired of my ineptitude.  I may try it again in a few weeks…

Mon. June 22 – 9570 steps (5460 aerobic), 251 calories, 8 minutes on bike.

Tues. June 23 – 11671 steps (4881 aerobic), 333 cal., 8 min. bike.

Wed. June 24 – 10916 steps (5128 aerobic), 295 cal., 10 min. bike.

Thurs. June 25 – 16423 steps (6491 aerobic), 477 cal.  Too tired to bike, wonder why?

Fri. June 26 – 6914 steps (1899 aerobic), 209 cal.  I was happy I did not just collapse today…

Sat. June 27 – 10356 steps (6560 aerobic), 293 cal.

Sun. June 28 – c. 7000 steps (2232 aerobic) since I forgot to wear pedometer in the AM at church.  156 cal., 12 min. bike.

Mon. June 29 – 10252 steps (6945 aerobic), 311 cal.  12 minutes on bike, and I stepped up the length of time before resting from 1 minute to 1 1/2 minutes.  Doesn’t sound like much but I felt good about it!

Ok, let’s see if I can post a photo of my hill(s)…

I walk down this hill more often than up it...

I walk down this hill more often than up it...

TA DA!  The hill you see in the distance gives you some idea of how steep this hill is.  I usually have to stop halfway when walking up, sometimes two times, for a breather.  But doing the biking is helping me with this!

People DO bicycle up this hill.  I have much admiration for them but do not even want to think about doing that myself…

Now that I’ve figured out where to find these photos, I will post the journey up the other hill next week.  Happy walking!  Best wishes to all,  Sara



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Claude – warm and stuffy week

I feel like I spend my time complainin8,000 steps, one-hour Feldenkrais classg about the weather! Couldn’t someone tell whoever organises all this or should I say disorganises it that average temperature like 25°C, with rain at night would just be perfect?
Today is particularly hot and stuffy, but as it is Sunday, I won’t complain too much as I have mostly been resting.
I still have two more weeks to go on the Jury Duty and am really looking forward to the end of endless hours of sitting and holding my bladder 😀
Anyway, here’s my week from June 20, 2009 to June 26, 2009

Saturday: 8,000 steps, one-hour Feldenkrais class
Sunday: rest, rest and only rest! And how I enjoyed that!
Monday: 12, 082 steps, 20mn brisk walking, 10mn stretching
Tuesday: 9,637 steps, 10mn stretching
Wednesday: 9,500 steps, 5mn stretching, 20 mn brisk walking
Thursday: 9,245 steps, 20mn brisk walking, 10 mn stretching
Friday: 11,250 steps, 20 mn brisk walking

And with this, I’m off to take a shower!

Incidentally, I am stopping Blogging in Paris, and am moving onto something else. Last post at Blogging in Paris will tell you about it.


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Sara – getting back in the swing of things…

Hi, everyone, somehow I missed posting…hmmm, must have been the gardening I did, plus getting ready for the choir party…then this week I finished the schedules for the entire summer, a big load off my mind.   One more week of cleanup work with my helper here – then she leaves for Ireland and I can play!   🙂

Wed. June 10 – 10106 steps (1678 aerobic), 305 calories.  Volleyball – I did manage to serve the ball over the net a couple of times in succession – but I am truly not very good.  Wondering if I should continue trying…

Thurs. June 11 – 5387 steps (1953 aerobic), 147 calories.

Fri. June 12, 8982 steps (3763 aerobic), 264 calories.

Sat. June 13 – 6318 steps, 159 calories – no aerobic but I did a lot of digging & planting in the garden.

Sun. June 14 – 7009 steps (1630 aerobic), 203 calories.  Choir party, a real pig-out!

Mon. June 15 – 6012 steps (1129 aerobic) – forgot my pedometer for part of this day – some gardening – 159 calories.

Tues. June 16 – 6335 steps, 181 calories.

Wed. June 17 – 3834 steps, 93 calories – slug day.

Thurs. June 18 – 5167 steps, 142 calories.

Fri. June 19 – 8980 steps (2428 aerobic), 267 calories.

Sat. June 20 – 10285 steps (4852 aerobic), 294 calories.

Sun. June 21 – 4885 steps, 121 calories.  Housecleaning, some garden cleanup.

I’ve started using my neighbor Mickey’s stationary bike – but usually only for 6 minutes – and I have to rest every minute for a half-minute, what a wuss!  But I notice this is helping my stamina on the proverbial hills.  Gotta get those hill photos in here…

I’ve been frustrated because my laptop died – I don’t like using my desktop, so I procrastinate – my boss has to decide whether to repair or replace my laptop and I don’t know which it will be – am definitely hoping for replacement!

So that’s the news from Central PA, where things are at least slowing down, work-wise.  Nice to hear from you, Lia and Naomi and Holly (Holly?), and I’m wondering what ever happened to Sandy, and how she is doing?   Claude, do you know?

Happy walking and I wish you all lovely sunny days with nice temperatures and NO RAIN!


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Claude – an afternoon off!

What a week! For the first time in all those weeks, I had a whole afternoon off. And took advantage of it! I went to see a great exhibition at Grand Palais: One picture may hide another.
On the walking front, it’s been a pretty good week too.
So here goes:
From Saturday June 13th to Friday June 19th
Saturday: 10,000 steps, one-hour Feldenkrais class
Sunday: ran a few errands, 5,000 steps
Monday: 12082 steps, 20mn brisk walking, 10mn stretching
Tuesday: 9,637 steps, 10mn stretching, 20mn brisk walking
Wednesday: 10,000steps, 20mn brisk walking
Thursday: 9,000 steps, 15mn brisk walking, 10mn streching
Friday: 11,100 steps, 15mn brisk walking

The thing I find most difficult is regulating my food intake. Most of us jurors bring cookies that we eat during the numerous waiting moments when we are stuck inside with not much to do, and I am resisting less and less… But you can’t fight on all fronts, I guess. It’ll be difficult to get back to a healthy routine I’m afraid. But we’ll see
Three more weeks to go! Chin up!


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Lia – Times are good

We have had relatively good weather this week in comparison to Claude who seems to have gotten our weather that came originally from the dark and damp Siberian coast (just kidding). My new insoles, while not perfect, do let me walk longer distances.

The Last Week

Tuesday: 40 minutes walking

Wednesday: 30 minutes walking

Thursday: 40 minutes walking

Friday: 20 minutes walking

Saturday: 20 minutes walking, 10 minutes stretching

Sunday: 40 minutes walking

Monday: 50 minutes walking

Tuesday: 30 walking

Wednesday: today, should be a long day with lot of walking (at least 60 minutes)


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Claude – a rainy week

I was grateful I had taken my umbrella that day. When I got home, my trousers were soaked, so was my rucksack and some of of the stuff that was in my pockets. It was too rainy for a walk really, but I couldn’t face taking the métro home as it had been raining too hard to go for a walk at lunch break. Going back to jury duty soaking wet wouldn’t have been very convenient –or reasonable. I really find it hard to be cooped up and sitting all day long.

In the pouring rain...

Walking in the pouring rain

My steps of the week from Saturday, June 6th to Friday, June 12th

Saturday: 8,360 steps, 15 mn brisk walking
Sunday: 7,000 steps
Monday: 9,305 steps, 10+15mn brisk walking, 10mn stretching
Tuesday: 8,847 steps, 10mn+ 10mn + 15mn brisk walking
Wednesday: 8,303 steps, 20mn brisk walking
Thursday: 10,784 steps, 5 mn stretching
Friday: 10,560 steps 10mn stretching


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Lia – Going Fine

Well, I hope you have managed to each find your stolen moments of getting out into the fresh air. Luebeck is cold (14-16 degrees Celcius) and rainy, so I’ve taken to going out for a walk when the skies are relatively clear and returning or jumping onto a bus when it starts raining again. If the constant rain wasn’t so tedious, the game I play trying to fool it would be fun.

Last Week

Tuesday: 30 minutes walking

Wednesday: 60 minutes walking

Thursday: 20 minutes walking

Friday: 20 minutes walking

Saturday: 30 minutes walking, 10 minutes stretching

Sunday: nada

This week

Monday: 50 minutes walking

Tuesday: 50 walking, 15 yoga

Wednesday: 40 minutes walking

This week has been a strong week so far, but today it’s raining cats and dogs, so I just might keep quiet. Lots of work to do online…


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