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Naomi – July 19 – 31

4,500 steps seem to be my average between July 19 – 25.  It’s helped much to walk that inner perimeter where I live when pedometer numbers say, “More!”    

Short steps to garage

Short steps to garage

another building

Night walk, Columbia University: another building

Add short flight of steps to long ones along the way.
Neighborhood has sites to snap, challenges to nighttime photography–makes familiar trip more diverting.
7,000 steps, July 26, was one of the intermitent high days on a visit to a photo exhibition at the 42nd Street Library. 
     Pedometer placement problem–Also when I discovered  the “machine” will not function if separated from body by more than one layer of clothing.  And then there’s the “dress-up” problem because I’ve become so addicted that I always want to be wearing it! 
4, 219 steps July 27
4,684 steps July 28  Both days attained by walking the perimeter yet under my goal of 5,000+
6,790 steps July 29 Long wait on line at Planned Parenthood fund-raiser (standing supposed to be useful too) and walk in the City–even though we’d taken the car to get there.
RED LETTER DAY July 30…when I come to terms with the need to do MORE for “spread control.”  This is my issue about weight:  my waist appears–actually not appearing to exist.  Will not go to the next size clothes!  Spouse and I had talk about ABS (something never quite understood).  Time for a return to the gym and “the hamster wheel” because walking and going nowhere seems like that.
Treadmill 15 minutes at 2.5 speed, .5 incline
5,255 steps
Stretch class, one hour
2, 442 steps, a record low.
Treadmill 10 minuites at 2.5/1.0
                   10 minutes at 3.0/1.0
Stretch machine (standing, hold bar, lift weight), 10 times at 30 pounds.


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Naomi – June 13 Goals reviewed

What was on my mind back on March One at the start to think I could lose 10 pounds by June One?  Dreams!

Weight loss – maybe one pound.  Need a new, better, smaller scale that goes in bathroom, not under the bed.  More realistic goal: One more pound by 75th birthday, early August.

Treadmill – where has that three times a week gone?  Have not done at all since end of May.  Can I focus on two things at once–pedometer + treadmill, is this for me like patting one’s head and rubbing stomach at same time?  Question still out there and will re-focus.

Food intake – Cannot recall last red meat.  Of course I think about it!  But this is most successful area.  Noshing on nuts and dates still an issue and chocolate continues as presence in everyday life.  Though there was one time….


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Naomi – May 25 – 28

WALKING  Did much of this through the City on May 25 and 27.  Need a new pedometer.  

    Problem:  The day after!  Think this is the age/energy factor, especially with city walking on pavement.  And so give myself permission not to go to gym.  Hope to change this, but…

TREADMILL  May 28  20 minutes at 3.0.

AB REDUCER  May 28  10 times @ 50#…10 times @ 50#

Chocolate Eating too much of it!




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Naomi– May 23


10 minutes at 2.5/0.5 grade; 20 mins. at 3.0/0.5

Ab reducer

inner, 5 times @ 50#

outer, 7 times @ 50#



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Naomi, Treadmill progress

Saturday March 8 – important treadmill day:

Hands-free entire 20 minutes!

10 min. at 2.5 and 0.5 incline

10 min. at 2.5 and 1.0 incline

Told that this is important not just for my balance issues also for body alignment.

Neighbor suggests that large book works for reading while treading. Been meaning to read Banta, “Imaging American Women” since early 1990s. This might be the time.


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Naomi March 3 through March 7

Since March 3, my progress has been erratic. That day I had no chocolate! Only ate a tangerine between dinner and bedtime.

March 4 – 20 minutes on treadmill, 15 of them handsfree since strengthening balance is an issue. Maintained 2.5 speed and 0.5 incline.

ate one date after dinner.

March 5 – Problem with evening class begun and when to eat. Ate at 5 p.m., small meal. Hungry after class and had a piece of pizza with friend on way home. Goal: get a grip on this.

Walked half hour from school to westside subway.

March 6 – 1 date after dinner and tangerine.

March 7 – Too much sitting because at conference most of day. Part of sandwich for lunch and cookie.

Orange after dinner.

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