Naomi – May 25 – 28

WALKING  Did much of this through the City on May 25 and 27.  Need a new pedometer.  

    Problem:  The day after!  Think this is the age/energy factor, especially with city walking on pavement.  And so give myself permission not to go to gym.  Hope to change this, but…

TREADMILL  May 28  20 minutes at 3.0.

AB REDUCER  May 28  10 times @ 50#…10 times @ 50#

Chocolate Eating too much of it!





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3 responses to “Naomi – May 25 – 28

  1. Claude

    Walking IS tiring. And who said you had to exercise absolutely every day? After all, we are our own coaches, aren’t we?
    Great job on the treadmill.
    I hate anything that has to do with abs. Should get around to it, but it really turns me off!
    About chocolate, I read some silly piece in a woman’s magazine today that said that they had recorded the level of pleasure one experiences out of chocolate with the level of pleasure out of a French kiss.
    Chocolate wins!
    So you must be some sort of a hedonist. 😉
    And so am I!

  2. kayd1010

    My name is Kay and I’m a chocoholic. LOL

    Know why there’s no 12-step progam for chocoholics?

    Nobody wants to quit!

    I’ll get this place figured out yet!!

  3. naomidagenbloom

    hello, kay,

    welcome aboard! yes, word press is a new challenge but claude has figured it out and is great about answering questions.

    it may be that Elderexercise is simply a “cover” for chocolate-eaters. think i’ll handle that addiction once i’m truly serious about moving my body more. -n

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