Naomi – June 13 Goals reviewed

What was on my mind back on March One at the start to think I could lose 10 pounds by June One?  Dreams!

Weight loss – maybe one pound.  Need a new, better, smaller scale that goes in bathroom, not under the bed.  More realistic goal: One more pound by 75th birthday, early August.

Treadmill – where has that three times a week gone?  Have not done at all since end of May.  Can I focus on two things at once–pedometer + treadmill, is this for me like patting one’s head and rubbing stomach at same time?  Question still out there and will re-focus.

Food intake – Cannot recall last red meat.  Of course I think about it!  But this is most successful area.  Noshing on nuts and dates still an issue and chocolate continues as presence in everyday life.  Though there was one time….



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2 responses to “Naomi – June 13 Goals reviewed

  1. kayd1010

    Small steps are better than no steps. You’re trying and that’s what counts!!! Dieting can be a very weird thing and there are lots of variables. You may be surprised and have a couple pounds drop off when you’re least expecting it!!!! Hang in there and keep the faith, sister!!!!

  2. sablonneuse

    I’m finding it hard to lose weight too. Like you, I know it’s partly because I can’t resist temptation, but, as Kay said, dieting is strange – you sometimes put on the odd pound when you think you’ve been good and lose weight despite eating the ‘wrong’ food. The important thing is to aim to be as fit and active as possible – and think happy!

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