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Holly 4/23 – 4/29

a brief update…….the job i thought i had, that i’ve been planning for since January, is history. therefore i’m back into freelance fun world, having let many jobs go because i thought the other was a done deal. life goes on. i’m working this week at least. trying not to panic. went away last weekend for my birthday and got very very sick, which I thought at first was the flu (horrors especially right now) but turned out to be a bad cold and it’s already gone, amen to that.

can anyone recommend good walking shoes and/or good sneakers they really like?

1914 – Wed 4/29
4192 – Tues 4/28
894 – Mon 4/27 (after getting home from trip, mostly in bed this day)
2223 – Sun 4/26 (plus thousands more sans pedometer)
3609 – Sat 4/25
4528 – Thurs 4/23



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Naomi – April ending with steps + great foot exercises

What a dizzy month.  Pedometer needs new battery.  Got that but set incorrectly.  Finally can report on end of month…

April 22…6,000

April 25…7,695 and 1,004 aerobic

April 26…5,313 and 1,182 aerobic

April 27…10, 749 (my moment in Claude-land)

April 28…6,488

April 29…4,507

For several months I’ve been going to physical therapy.  Most useful has been learning how to walk in more balanced way, exercises to keep my bad shoulder in play.  For a number of years, I’ve been aware that I drag my right foot and balance is off, so all has helped this.  This week I began exercises with my feet.  One series involves rolling a 7-inch ball under my arch/toes.  The idea is to uncurl toes; immediately I felt much more grounded.

Today another foot exercise, called “Bunion Soother,” which uses the ball plus a small rubber band like one that holds broccoli stalks together in the market.  Have to figure out which one is like that used in therapist office–think it’s the red one.  This is put around big toes with ball between. 

Also given Celebrex prescription by orthopedist last week–reduces pain in arm and shoulder.  Whatever it takes outside of surgery.

Rubber Ball

Rubber band for toes

Rubber band for toes


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Sandy – Bad News Good News

The bad news is that my pedometer went missing again. It was my own fault: I must have put it down somewhere with the tempting little loop visible because I’m pretty sure the culprit was our latest cat. She loves carrying things around and leaving them somewhere different. many is the time we’ve found pen tops in the bed! However, she didn’t put it in an obvious place this time and I only discovered it today when I went to wash the cover on the seat in the conservatory – there it was tucked underneath! The good news is that during the last week I had it I broke my record with 10964 STEPS That’s the first time I’ve gone into five figures. Actually I took a photo of it but now, for some reason my printer claims there’s no card to read when I put it in. My sister and brother in law are coming to stay next week so I may have another ‘leave of absence’ but will try to get back to regular posting (and wearing – not losing – the pedometer) as soon as possible. Meanwhile, all good wishes to everyone with plenty of lily of the valley for bonheur on May 1st.


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Sara – oooooh, this time of year I just want it all to be DONE…

but it’s not, and that’s all there is to it.  Lots of extra liturgies this time of year, and funerals to boot, and memorial masses even.  Have not had a whole day off this week – half days yesterday and today seem like heaven.  Ah well.  so I am late again, and still gaining weight, because when I feel like this, I just want to eat.  So there.

Mon. April 13 – 4141, 1.69 mi.

Tues. April 14 – 8116 (3804 aerobic), 3.33 mi.

Wed. April 15 – 1160.  Say no more.  it wasn’t taxes either, I don’t even remember what it was…

Thurs. April 16 – 12304 (4472 aerobic), 5.04 mi.

Fri. April 17 – 14786 (5706 aerobic), 6.06 mi.  I think this may be my all time record!

Sat. April 18 – 7868 (4041 aerobic), 3.22 mi.

Sun. April 19 – 13241 (7211 aerobic), 5.43 mi.

Mon. April 20 – 4451, 1.82 mi.

Tues. April 21 – 9005 (3553 aerobic), 3.69 mi.

Wed. April 22 – 2330, .95 mi.  ergh.

Thurs. April 23 – 4919 (2614 aerobic), 2.01 mi.

Fri. April 24 – 8477 (4243 aerobic), 3.47 mi.

Sat. April 25 – 10432 (3967 aerobic), 4.28 mi.  

I’d like to be able to do 3 miles a day without fail, but that may be a pipedream.  8 days out of 13 isn’t bad though.  What I find is great is that I am enjoying this more and more, and when I have had a sluggy day, it is easier to just go out and do a brief walk to bring up the count, rather than giving up and staying on the couch.  So my habit is gradually changing – which I guess was the whole idea!  

Hang in there, everyone, with jury duty and foot issues and moving and all that stuff.  I’m very grateful for you!  Hope this lovely weather continues for us all!


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Lia- Know What I have

So, your words spurred me on to getting the situation with the foot looked at.  I know what I have. Now I just have to figure out what to do about it.

After numerous doctor’s appointments and procedures…

Arthrosis of the ankle, fallen arch, and near stress-fractures on three bones in my foot

Nothing really pretty. And, it has been painful. But, certainly better in the last week since I’ve been keeping quiet.

Doctor says I should keep off the foot as much as possible in next two weeks. Then I’m getting inlays (sorry, don’t know the English words for those things you put in shoes). Will have to buy some proper shoes. And, hopefully, I’ll be back walking soon.

I’m going to try cycling in the meantime. Wish me luck.


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Claude – two hectic weeks

I am sorry for not posting last week, although I see that apart Holly and Lia… I am not the only one to have good excuses.
I have been called for jury duty this next Monday and have been trying to get everything that had to be done over the last two weeks done.
So, the last two weeks have been hectic!
Still I haven’t abandoned my pedometer and have followed my weekly classes, which, if drawn as jury member, I won’t be able to follow 😦

So here goes from Saturday, April 11th to Friday April 24th

Saturday: 6,000 steps
Sunday: 3,500 steps (just went to the market and back)
Monday: 8,617 steps, including 41mn brisk walking
Tuesday: 13,700 steps 2×15 mn brisk walking
Wednesday: 12,267 steps
Thursday: 7,000 steps and developped a sharp pain in two toes which on the next day were diagnosed as (believe it or not) chillblains! You can apparently get chillblains out of foot perspiring! Was given an ointment that worked
Friday: one-hour stretching lesson, 10,251 steps
Saturday: one-hour Feldenkrais lesson, 6,000 steps
Sunday: 4,309 steps
Monday: 6,600 steps
Tuesday: one-hour Feldenkrais lesson, 12,000 steps, 15mn+15mn brisk walking
Wednesday: 9,000 steps, 25 brisk walking, one-hour stretching lesson
Thursday: 9,200 steps,
Friday: 9,500 steps 35mn brisk walking one-hour stretching class

My walking life might become more difficult as of Monday, but this is something that cannot be avoided. I’m still lucky that days are longer and I’ll try to walk back from Court… Will let you know what happens.


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Holly – April 11 to April 17

Friday April 17 – 764 steps
Thursday April 16 – 3619 steps
Wed. April 15 – 3795 steps
Tues. April 14 – 1637 steps
Mon. April 13 – 5509 steps
Sun. April 12 – 8279 steps
Sat. April 11 – 2 hour yoga class and 3238 steps

My new job hasn’t started yet (long story) and probably won’t for another week so I am still working from home, which my cat really enjoys. Finally some nice warm weather, at least for this weekend! I think….dare I say it…….spring is here.


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