Naomi – April ending with steps + great foot exercises

What a dizzy month.  Pedometer needs new battery.  Got that but set incorrectly.  Finally can report on end of month…

April 22…6,000

April 25…7,695 and 1,004 aerobic

April 26…5,313 and 1,182 aerobic

April 27…10, 749 (my moment in Claude-land)

April 28…6,488

April 29…4,507

For several months I’ve been going to physical therapy.  Most useful has been learning how to walk in more balanced way, exercises to keep my bad shoulder in play.  For a number of years, I’ve been aware that I drag my right foot and balance is off, so all has helped this.  This week I began exercises with my feet.  One series involves rolling a 7-inch ball under my arch/toes.  The idea is to uncurl toes; immediately I felt much more grounded.

Today another foot exercise, called “Bunion Soother,” which uses the ball plus a small rubber band like one that holds broccoli stalks together in the market.  Have to figure out which one is like that used in therapist office–think it’s the red one.  This is put around big toes with ball between. 

Also given Celebrex prescription by orthopedist last week–reduces pain in arm and shoulder.  Whatever it takes outside of surgery.

Rubber Ball

Rubber band for toes

Rubber band for toes



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4 responses to “Naomi – April ending with steps + great foot exercises

  1. lilalia

    Intrigued about the exercise. Can you explain it more thoroughly? As you say, anything but surgery. Though surgery certainly if needed.

  2. sablonneuse

    That bunion execise looks interesting but I don’t see how the ball fits in.
    Congratulations on exceeding 10,000 steps!

  3. Hey hey! Join me once more in Claude-land, and Sara-land!!!
    And do have a look at your first posts to see how well you’ve done. I am so proud of all of us!
    Aren’t you?
    Let’s keep up the good job.
    Interesting about the ball. My stretching teacher has us do the same with a tennis ball!

  4. Sara

    Terrific steps, Naomi! and the foot exercises sound very interesting although I can’t quite picture how this works with a rubber band…maybe we need a video! Starring Naomi’s feet…LOL…
    Glad to hear the shoulder is improving! It is so true that everything is connected to everything else, so to speak…

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