Claude – two weeks without you

but two weeks with my pedometer! I had a great time in London, loads of things to catch up with when I came back, and a need to relax a bit too, which explains my being late in posting.

I’ve noticed that some of us have taken to just posting their average… I won’t do the same.
I really think that taking the time to post each day’s count (again, doesn’t have to be steps, can be Thursday one-hour yoga session, Monday, 10 mn on the treadmill) helps one keep track of what one is really doing. The idea, I think, is not so much to show what we’ve been doing to the other people in the group, but to be aware of what we are doing.
Maybe I’m wrong.
To make this less painful, I keep track of my steps every day on my google calendar, but it could be in a word file. It takes me about a minute every day and then, I copy/paste the whole thing here.
Just a suggestion, of course 😉

But here is my two weeks’ worth of steps. No brisk walking during these two weeks.
From Saturday March 28th to Friday, April 10th 2009

Saturday: 2-hour Feldenkrais workshop, 3,000 steps
Sunday: 6,000 steps
Monday: 8,227 steps
Tuesday: one-hour stretching exercise, 13,000 steps 20mn brisk walking
Wednesday: Eurostar to London, 15,500 steps
Thursday: 12,928 steps
Friday: 11,880 steps

don't have an adequate caption. Help!

Couldn’t have done it with this kind of … footwear! (taken in London

Saturday: 10,400 steps
Sunday: 13,500 steps
Monday: 12,700 steps
Tuesday: 12,700 steps
Wednesday: 12,000 steps
Thursday:12,928 steps
Friday: back home One hour stretching exercise 12,865 steps



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5 responses to “Claude – two weeks without you

  1. lilalia

    Claude, a very impressive number of steps there. Love the footwork. Can’t even imagine walking from the limo up the red carpet on such boots…

    Is it all right for those of us who average out our steps to record them in this way? Not only do I average my own out, I also average yours and the other members. Living in the land of never rounding off, I have inner need for estimation rather than precision.

  2. naomidagenbloom

    Very, very good, Claude, all those large numbers for steps. Definitely looking toward spring for more of my own numbers to increase.

    The shoes! Very scary, yes?

  3. love the boots 🙂

    love your step counts too 🙂

  4. Sara

    Awesome step counts, Claude! With that many steps, I’m not sure it matters that they aren’t so sequentially brisk.
    Scary boots! I can just imagine how hot they would get…but all this fashionista stuff is such fun to look at!

  5. Sara

    Oh about the averaging – well, whatever helps you most as an individual. Like Claude, I find that it is useful to track my ebbs and flows…that motivates me more…but perhaps it’s different for Lia.

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