Sara – Easter has passed and I’m getting back on track…

Hi, fellow walkers, I am two weeks late in posting, please accept apologies, but it has been busy!  Fighting tiredness due to too much to do.  But now the big week is over for another year & although I have quite a lot to plan this week, I do have a week off from rehearsals.  Not from funerals though – another one tomorrow AM! 

Mon. Mar. 30 – 9605 steps (5228 aerobic), 3.33 mi.

Tues. Mar. 31 – 7994 steps (3111 aerobic), 2.77 mi.

Wed. April 1 – 1913 steps, .66 mi.  I fooled myself onto the sofa…

Thurs. April 2 – 10132 steps (5942 aerobic) 3.51 mi.

Fri. April 3 – 5136 steps, 1.78 mi.

Sat. April 4 – 11507 steps (7030 aerobic), 3.99 mi.

Sun. April 5 – 7481 steps, 2.59 mi. – walking around at church, 2 masses

Mon. April 6 – 2447 steps, .84 – spent much time in the car, 😦

Tues. April 7 – 10093 steps (5119 aerobic), 3.50 mi.

Wed. April 8 – 5035 steps, 1.74 mi. – the day of our big long rehearsal

Thurs. April 9 – 6218 steps, 2.15 – Holy Thurs. mass & 1 rehearsal

Fri. April 10 – 8965 steps (5374 aerobic), 3.11 mi. – went to gym after mass!

Sat. April 11 – 11750 steps (3510 aerobic), 3.70 mi.  Mostly running back & forth at church, the big Vigil mass – my feet HURT at the end of this day!  

Sun. April 12 – Easter – and I was OFF!  7416 steps (5171 aerobic), 2.34 mi.  Had a lovely Easter dinner of lamb, tabbouleh, tsimmes, mushroom kugel & matzoh ball soup.  

The weight loss tool has decreased in effectiveness.  😦  And due to stress, I ate more…but am trying my weight-loss veggie soup at least once a day & hoping to get some of this off in the next few days so my light-weight clothes will fit!   Today promises to be warmer & sunny so I’m hoping to clean up  my yards at long last.  Best holiday wishes to everyone — hang in there, summer is ahead, & lots of encouraging weather!  🙂



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2 responses to “Sara – Easter has passed and I’m getting back on track…

  1. Wow! Great steps, especially considering all the work that Easter represents for you. Seems that you are getting in the 10,000 zone more and more! Yeah for that! Keep up the good work!
    Happy Easter by the way!

  2. great step counts. good for you! thank God it’s finally spring!

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