Claude – two hectic weeks

I am sorry for not posting last week, although I see that apart Holly and Lia… I am not the only one to have good excuses.
I have been called for jury duty this next Monday and have been trying to get everything that had to be done over the last two weeks done.
So, the last two weeks have been hectic!
Still I haven’t abandoned my pedometer and have followed my weekly classes, which, if drawn as jury member, I won’t be able to follow 😦

So here goes from Saturday, April 11th to Friday April 24th

Saturday: 6,000 steps
Sunday: 3,500 steps (just went to the market and back)
Monday: 8,617 steps, including 41mn brisk walking
Tuesday: 13,700 steps 2×15 mn brisk walking
Wednesday: 12,267 steps
Thursday: 7,000 steps and developped a sharp pain in two toes which on the next day were diagnosed as (believe it or not) chillblains! You can apparently get chillblains out of foot perspiring! Was given an ointment that worked
Friday: one-hour stretching lesson, 10,251 steps
Saturday: one-hour Feldenkrais lesson, 6,000 steps
Sunday: 4,309 steps
Monday: 6,600 steps
Tuesday: one-hour Feldenkrais lesson, 12,000 steps, 15mn+15mn brisk walking
Wednesday: 9,000 steps, 25 brisk walking, one-hour stretching lesson
Thursday: 9,200 steps,
Friday: 9,500 steps 35mn brisk walking one-hour stretching class

My walking life might become more difficult as of Monday, but this is something that cannot be avoided. I’m still lucky that days are longer and I’ll try to walk back from Court… Will let you know what happens.



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4 responses to “Claude – two hectic weeks

  1. lilalia

    Will be interesting to hear about your jury duty. Is this the first time you’ve been asked? Good numbers of steps. Good for you.

  2. Sara

    Hurrah, Claude, not bad at all for such a hectic time! Where is the court located? Good that you will be able to walk – I bet you will be ready to walk after all day cooped up in there. I’m still crossing my fingers that perhaps you will not be chosen…

  3. sablonneuse

    I bet you’ll miss your exercise routine but jury service sounds interesting. Is it far to walk home?
    Anyway, I hope it doesn’t last too long so that you can get back to normal.

  4. naomidagenbloom

    “Chillblains” sounds like something from a Victorian novel. Must go look it up. Good that ointment worked quickly and you could keep on piling up the step numbers.

    Jury duty, sorry. Been a couple of times and give self lecture about “civic responsibility” but it has always been a real pain. Hope it does not drag on for you. In Baltimore if you did not get assigned to a trial the first day, then you were released. In New York while waiting another therapist told me that lawyers did not like to assign our profession to be on juries. Okay.

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