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Claude – April 24 to May 4th

Pledging to post at least once a week unless on holiday, in which case I’ll write about it here.
As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I hurt my back when getting my suitcase down the stairs in Norwich. So had a difficult time during the past week.

Friday 25th was alright. Had a 1 hour stretching session,
Pedometer said 14,000 steps.

Saturday 26th amounted to only 5,000 steps as I felt I had to get some rest
Then from Monday 27th to Friday 27th, I walked an average of 11,000 steps a-day. No strenuous exercise, no fast walking or biking, no stretching. Walking and resting my back
Saturday, May 2nd, I just did nothing and that felt good too.

I’m planning on resuming the fast biking this evening but I’ll let you know about it in my next post.
Hope Julie comes back from her holiday soon and am looking forward to seeing if Bikinjo has been biking at all 😉


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