Sara – slipping and sliding!

Hi, everybody — yes, the weather is awful here too.  Our worst in 5 or 6 years, I think.  Today is fairly calm, though, and a bit sunny…our huge icicles are melting and that causes leaks in peoples’ homes sometimes.  Fortunately not in mine…yet…

I have been fairly sluggy…but will do better this week, I promise!

Mon. Jan. 5 – 5812 steps (2695 aerobic), 2 miles

Tues. Jan. 6 – 1918 steps.  But then I had my colonoscopy this day!  No problems showed up and it was an easy process once I got the prep done!  But my energy was low for a while.

Wed. Jan. 7 – 6501 steps (2540 aerobic), 2.25 miles.  I have the trampoline to thank for this, also some necessary snow shoveling.

Thurs. Jan. 8 – 5150 steps (3261 aerobic), 1.78 miles.  Again, jumping.

Fri. Jan. 9 – 4910 steps (2444 aerobic), 1.70 miles.  I think I walked around Wegman’s several times…

Sat. Jan. 10 – 5000 steps (2475 aerobic), 1.73 miles

Sun. Jan. 11 – 2621 steps, nearly 1 mile…I just got really lazy and bored with jumping.  Also had a meeting to prepare for.  Then I sat around on the sofa plurking and watching an instant netflix movie – Lost in Yonkers – which turned out to be really good!  Mercedes Ruehl does an amazing job in this movie.  also Richard Dreyfuss and Irene Worth.  does anyone remember Irene Worth?  !!!! 

Soooo, another week – I must highly recommend plurking, it is highly amusing and a great way to take fun breaks if you work at home and have some schedule control.  We’ll all hope for better weather soon…



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6 responses to “Sara – slipping and sliding!

  1. Considering it was colonoscopy week, I think you did quite a good job! I love plurking too, but as you said it requires some schedule control, or else I’d spend my days plurking 😉
    Good that you are using the trampoline too! What about the gym?
    Keep exercising and plurking, and I suppose working :D!

  2. lilalia

    An excellent week, don’t you think, considering… I don’t know what plurking is, but your post is going to get me on google to find out.

  3. naomidagenbloom

    Good report on colonoscopy…did you enjoy the drug during the process? Always gives me insight to addicted folks because it’s such a mellow feeling.

    Your steps look fine to me…all of us shovelers should get extra points. Of course I recall Irene Worth–elegant lady of the 1930s (?)

  4. sablonneuse

    Glad there was nothing to worry about. Hope your energy returns soon – together with some warmer weather!

  5. Sara

    @ all – thanks for the encouragement!
    @ Claude – I must confess that I have neglected the gym. Gotta remedy that this week, somehow!
    @ Naomi – I didn’t even notice any feeling about the drug because I was out so fast! Recovery was gradual & my friend Anne was there to chat & help me come out of it…also the nurses who were terrific!
    @ Sandy – yes, warmer weather would REALLY help – oh well…

  6. Sara

    oh and @ Lia – plurking is fun but I must admit it takes time & if it weren’t for plurking, I might have gotten to the gym! But I have needed a bit of intermittent socializing which it provides. So it’s contributed to the contentment factor…

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