Naomi – Much activity, walking not so much!

A quick catch-up for January 13 to 22 from my days in this alternate universe. I can look at the window as write and see my daughter’s house, woman running, guy riding bicycle. Granddaughter Zoe here earlier for an hour…began embellishments for knit doll gave her couple of weeks ago. Ron has here now, so steps for past week recorded in my little book.

January 22 was one of two high marks of this period–4,896 steps. The other was a week ago on January 15 with 5,893. Rest of time mostly under 3,000. Feel meated-out from last two days’ evening meals. Got to get back to veggie land.

Thought about taking time-out from Elderexercise postings here but will try to keep it up. Off to walk to store for N.Y. Times, then lunch with Ron and Zoe at typical Portland cafe, “Opposable Thumb,” with loud music, good bagels (made by Chinese man).



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3 responses to “Naomi – Much activity, walking not so much!

  1. Sara

    Hang in, Naomi! Good to hear from you! Loud music and good bagels sound like heaven to me! So enjoy them while you can, there’s plenty of veggies in your future!
    I’ve never been to Oregon or Wash. State, would love to visit the Pacific Northwest!
    Take care and be good to yourself! 🙂

  2. sablonneuse

    No, please don’t give up posting, Naomi – even if it’s just once a fortnight it’s good to keep in this together.

  3. Good to hear from you Naomi! Holidays are holidays, but just hanging on and writing down your steps or whatever you manage to do makes you think of it. And as I said in my post, when you look at the larger picture, it’s rather good.

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