Sara – snow…more snow…then again, snowing…

Brrrrrrrr! And not just snow, but COLD!  Were it not for ye good olde trampoline, I would be declining in fitness.  But I’m sort of hanging in there…

Mon. Jan. 12 – 4037 steps.  Tues. Jan. 13 – forgot to wear pedometer & there wasn’t a lot to count anyway!

Wed. Jan. 14 – 8607 steps (3876 aerobic).  Better! 

Thurs. Jan. 15 – 4862 steps (1770 aerobic).

Fri. Jan. 16 – 7283 steps (1009 aerobic).  It was contradance night, don’t know why more aerobic steps didn’t register since I danced every dance and my feet were quite tired!   I sort of blew the diet thing, having a fried oyster sandwich before the dance…

Sat. Jan. 17 – 3578 steps (1267 aerobic, on trampoline)

Sun. Jan. 18 – 4346 steps (2629 aerobic, on trampoline) – plus eating out at friends.   My default when I have been sluggy is to jump, as you can tell.  I guess it has been keeping my lungs in shape since I did not get winded at all at contradance. 

Here’s to warmer weather and freedom from illness for all of us!  Lia, I hope you are feeling much better by now!   Hang in there, everyone, spring IS coming!   🙂



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6 responses to “Sara – snow…more snow…then again, snowing…

  1. Hey, Sara, good job, this week! This is really wonderful. About the fried oyster sandwich, I’ll say this: better to have it BEFORE the dance, than after the dance. This way you manage to balance the calories 🙂
    You are this week’s heroin! No one else has posted!
    Shame on us and congratulations to you!

  2. naomidagenbloom

    Yes, Sara, you definitely are this week’s, uh, heroine. How sorry I am to say that “fried oysters” sound very wonderful even though know I should resist the top-of-stove delicacies. Sigh.

    Again admiring your trampoline as fall-back. Missing the exercycle in health facility back home. Envy spouse’s swimming out here…but gotta figure out more steps right now…thinking of you!

  3. Sara

    The fried oysters WERE delicious and worth every calorie. They also came on some lovely French baguette with a tasty sauce and tomatoes. 🙂
    @ Claude – I think you meant “heroine”! Although it might be nice to be someone’s “heroin” as in drug of choice, I think it would eventually become oppressive! I knew Naomi would, uh, pick up on this… 🙂
    @ Naomi – oh it’s ok to have a fried delicacy every once in a while! In fact, essential…
    I am happy with the trampoline too but this week I have managed the gym AND a long walk, and can tell that muscles and lung capacity are not tip-top — even though they’re also not awful, so I guess that’s not bad!
    @ everyone who’s not posting — please come back! It’s ok to take a break! and better weather is bound to come!

  4. sablonneuse

    You’re certainly not letting the snow get you down. Well done! A fried oyster sandwich? Sounds intriguing. I can’t eat raw ones but cooked and in a sandwich perhaps i could swallow one.

  5. I debated for a second between “heroin” and “heroine”, one word I always forget, and was just too lazy to check! Figured one of you would correct it!
    I must say I admire Naomi’s husband for swimming. Even though I have a great swimming-pool at hand, I must admit that cold weather doesn’t make it appealing to me!

  6. Sara

    @ Sandy – I learned to like oysters when I was a child, in their cooked form – my mom loved to make oyster stew with just milk, butter and oysters! Delicious! In the American South you find them most often fried. So progressing to the “on the half-shell” form was just a step for me & ok because I love their taste!
    I admire Naomi’s husband for swimming too. I’m sure I would enjoy it if I could get past the notion of packing all the stuff one needs to shower after, do the hair, etc. & toting it in. Seems like work. Guys have it easy in a lot of ways… 🙂

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