Sara – Exercise – good! Food – better!

I’m back home after a lovely week — got in quite a bit of exercise — but ate enough to gain weight!  But again it was worth it.  I will have the firmest fat in town…  so here goes the exercise and food report…  🙂

Mon. Nov. 24 – drove to Maryland, managed 7010 steps, due to shopping and running around up and down stairs before leaving. 

Tues. Nov. 25 – 6697 steps, walking around Fells Point in Baltimore — balanced out by breakfast with crepes, lunch of oyster stew and mussels, and dinner of pizza, after handing out turkeys at my friend’s parish in Cheverly, MD. 

Wed. Nov. 26 – 11,542 steps (6907 aerobic) — took a long walk — then lunch at Beijing and dinner at Cheesecake Factory…oh well…

Thurs. Nov. 27 – 7491 steps (6304 aerobic) – the BIG DAY with my cousins in VA  — I was not very restrained — two rolls with country ham (mmmmmmm….) plus all the other things including a small amount of two desserts — but then I made myself go out and walk until I could feel my stomach again — know that feeling?

Fri. Nov. 28 – 5399 steps (3385 aerobic) – again did some intentional walking before driving back to MD from VA.  Tried to cut back foodwise…

Sat. Nov. 29 – drove back to PA from MD – 9465 steps (3738 aerobic) – went for a walk just after I arrived here. 

And today has been a busy day at work all morning, BUT I forgot my pedometer!  So today will have to be a NOTHING day even though it wasn’t really.  I am very happy that I managed to keep walking even though i also kept eating.  Today I weighed…oh, I’m not going to confess!  Let’s just say I am working on it.  Yes I can!  But all that food was so fun.  Wish I could have shared my turkey, Claude!



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5 responses to “Sara – Exercise – good! Food – better!

  1. lilalia

    Sounds as if you had a good time and that should count for something as well, since we said during these winter months we were going to pay attention to activities that raise our spirits. A very respectful amount of steps as well.

  2. My dietician says that it’s alright to splurge now and then. Otherwise you go crazy. And all this exercise must have compensated!
    Great going!

  3. Sara

    Thanks, ladies — I did enjoy it. I am inching back down to my usual weight now…

  4. sablonneuse

    With all that exercise a bit of indulgence now and then isn’t going to do any harm. Enjoy!

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