Claude – a week with ups and downs!

On the up side, I managed 3 days with brisk walking, on the down side, I also managed three days with no walking whatsoever! 😦

Sun Nov. 23 , I didn’t even get out! I just felt like doing nothing, and this is exactly what I did. NOTHING!
Mon. Nov. 24, I was ready for a little action, I walked 15,000 steps, including 50 mn brisk walking,
Tue. Nov. 25, 50mn brisk walking, 9,900 steps, one-hour feldenkrais session
Wed. Nov. 26, 10,800 steps, (4,200 aerobic)
Thu. Nov. 27, had to go to Normandy for the day, and in spite of taking the train there, managed 10,359 steps 30mn brisk walking
Fri. Nov. 28, I felt totally exhausted and didn’t have my weekly stretching session. Was stuck at home in the afternoon, waiting for the TV repairman.
Sat. Nov. 29, I didn’t feel so well and stayed at home. Winter tends to do this to me.
I will have to get myself together and get out tomorrow.



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2 responses to “Claude – a week with ups and downs!

  1. Sara

    Ah well, when you were out, you really did a LOT! Winter does have its effect and waiting for repairmen is enervating…

  2. sablonneuse

    I know how you feel about Winter getting you down. I must be particularly ‘thick’ as everyone else seems to have taken to the new format in wordpress with no problems.

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