Naomi – Jan.31 – Feb 16 Still wintering

There were some satisfying walking experiences my last week in Portland where we were in a car more than expected.

Feb 2 – 5,140 steps3,579 aerobic The beautiful springlike day I walked with my daughter, a fast-stepper.

Back in NYC, the cold weather and wintertime malaise–and more right arm pain have undermined good intentions. Mostly 3,000 steps. But I’m hoping to move upward as spring returns. Here are some better-than-average ones:

Feb 9 – 6,491 steps…
Feb 10 – 4.244 steps…
Feb 16 – 5,302 steps.

I need an HTML class as the future of computing moves relentlessly ahead!

Valentine message, Mandarin

Valentine message, Mandarin



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3 responses to “Naomi – Jan.31 – Feb 16 Still wintering

  1. Welcome back to NYC, so to speak! Great to see you back.
    Looking forward to see more of your steps!
    As we said in a private message, walking doesn’t require any special equipment and is ever so healthy.
    The steps you recorded are great!
    Keep it up!

  2. sablonneuse

    That’s an impressive step count, Naomi, especially when you were able to keep up with younger, faster walkers. You’re not alone as a computer beginner. I’m still avoiding HTML like the plague!

  3. Sara

    Good job, Naomi! 3000 is quite respectable for an indoors day! And it’s keeping going that matters! You’re on the move so keep that momentum going! XO we’re sooooo close to spring….

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