Claude – from Paris to Vienna and back

Two weeks without posting but I do have excuses, since they included a five-day trip to Vienna, Austria, which in a way was a plunge back into winter. But what a beautiful plunge it was!
Sun, Feb 15, 11,000 steps, 53mn brisk walking
Mon, Feb 16, a couch potato day
Tue, Feb 17, 14,000 steps, 40mn brisk walking, one-hour Feldenkrais lesson
Wed, Feb 18, 1-hour stretching exercise, 10,000 steps, 31mn fast walking
Thu, Feb 19, 12,000 steps, running errands and going around the airport. I hate airports!
Fri, Feb 20, only 7,000 steps, including the Graben on the video below

Vienna’s pedestrian zone, the Graben

Sat, Feb 21, 14,600 steps
Sun, Feb 22, 11,500 steps
Mon, Feb 23, 13,500 steps
Tue, Feb 24, 6,500 steps, back to Paris in the evening.
Wed, Feb 25, 4,100 steps just a few errands
Thu, Feb 26, 11,000 steps
Fri, Feb 27, catching up with one-hour Feldenkrais session missed on Tuesday 10,000 steps, one-hour stretching exercise,



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3 responses to “Claude – from Paris to Vienna and back

  1. sablonneuse

    Vienna looks amazing – and the shops have a very expensive air. So glad you enjoyed your holiday and carried on step counting as well!

  2. Sara

    Lovely video! I remember this area! Near the Stephansdom, I think. I walked a lot in Vienna too & came back very discontented with my then-life in Miami, Florida, where no one walks anywhere, really. Northern climes are much better for walking, I think.
    Your steps are always inspiring! (applause)
    See how Plurk has invaded my life…of course for the better! 🙂

  3. i love Vienna! thanks for the video! what is Feldenkrais like?

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