Sara – Excuses, excuses… but I WAS sick…

Hullo, everybody!  You think your step counts look bad?  This is the worst I’ve been since starting this.  Have begun to recoup somewhat…

Mon. Feb. 9 – 2615 steps – that night I began to sneeze and eyes water uncontrollably…

Tues. Feb. 10 – 3092 steps – on sofa plurking for most of the day, taking Tylenol Antisinus & washing my nose, thanks to Claude’s encouragement…

Wed. Feb. 11 – 1609 – didn’t plurk very much – I think I read stuff – continuing program of day before

Thurs. Feb. 12 – 2270 steps BUT I was much better and did not need any Tylenol that day – was able to prep and conduct my choir rehearsal that night. 

Fri. Feb. 13 – 3138 steps – it was Friday the 13th – went to lunch with my boss – just couldn’t get it together to do any more.

Sat. Feb. 14 – celebrated Valentine’s day by going to the gym – 8803 steps (4350 aerobic), 3 miles!  Whew! 

Sun. Feb. 15 – did stuff around the house all day – prep for townhouse meeting last night – 3194 steps, a lot of them up and down stairs, but that was their only redeeming feature.

Monday – hopefully a new start — I am planning a gym trip this afternoon!  Somehow I am just bored with the little trampoline – but it would be good if I could make myself use it again.  Maybe I will try floor exercises – I have a gym routine of stretches & crunches & weights which I could do here – hmmmm.  Will let you know how it goes!  Have a great week, everyone – we are HALFWAY THROUGH FEBRUARY!   (dance)



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6 responses to “Sara – Excuses, excuses… but I WAS sick…

  1. Sara, when one is sick, one is sick! Nothing to be done! I think you got the most out of a lousy week and it did end beautifully!
    As you said, we are halfway through February, so hopefully, the weather is going to get better and better, and we’re going to exercise more and more 😀
    Till next week here, and soon on Plurk!

  2. lilalia

    Your kitchen and bathroom must be far away from your bedroom. I don’t agree with you about it being a bad week. Considering that you were ill, you did very good. The two weeks that I was out of sorts because of the winter grippe, I didn’t do any step counts worth mentioning. I hope you are feeling completely better soon.

  3. naomidagenbloom

    Oh, Sara, I’m hoping you feel better very soon. My whole family in Portland has come down with some version of this. Mine was brief but spouse still had “the cough” when we returned to New York.

    If we are starting a competition for low step count, mine are lower than yours! But your determination will soon change that if past behavior is a measure.

  4. Sara

    I’m completely well, everyone! The sinus thing only lasted two days & as of last Thursday, I was fine!
    @ Lia – my house has two floors, my bedroom’s upstairs, with bathrooms on both floors and kitchen on the lower floor. so I do scoot around quite a bit!
    @ Claude – thanks! pyl!
    @ Naomi – well, I’m trying to do better this week!

    Take care, everyone! We get snow here tomorrow…

  5. Sara

    by the way Claude, I discovered that I have Safari on this laptop so am using it now – I cannot install Adobe Flashplayer because of an error, but I am getting a better display. There’s also some message I get about MIME applications that I have ignored. But it does work nicely…

  6. sablonneuse

    That’s not a bad step count at all – especially when you exceeded 8000!
    Glad you’re feeling better now. Let’s hope Spring weather will soon put in an appearance.

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