Sara – FAT Tuesday! I plan to enjoy it!

Hi everyone – besides saying Happy Mardi Gras, I just want to thank everyone for ElderExercise.  I really cannot remember a January and February that went by as quickly and where I have been this active.  Weight had crept up to 151.5 (150 is my panic line) but today is back down to 150, whew.  And I am giving up alcohol for Lent, so am looking forward to saving some money and some calories.  It will also be good for me, I do enjoy it a bit too much, I think…there will be party tonight, going to dinner with friends, and we will have some yummy Rob Roys.  A drink from the past…

Ok, steps…

Mon. Feb. 16 – 10583 (7094 aerobic – gym & trampoline), 3.67 mi.

Tues.  Feb. 17 – 3130 steps, 1.08 mi.

Wed. Feb. 18 – 6918 (2582 aerobic – trampoline), 2.40 mi.

Thurs. Feb. 19 – 3251 steps, 1.13 mi.

Fri. Feb. 20 – 9725 steps, 3.37 mi. – contradancing!  Fun night too.  Guess it was more steady stepping since none registered aerobic, but my feet were pooped.

Sat. Feb. 21 – 7579 (4209 aerobic – gym), 2.63 mi.

Sun. Feb. 22 – 4520 steps, 1.56 mi. – running about at 2 masses

Mon. Feb. 23 – 10319 (3846 aerobic – gym), 3.58 mi.

so no wonder my weight was down this AM!  Also decided that if I really must snack before bed, it’ll be fruit.  That seems to work well.  Much better than crackers or cheese or popcorn.  Hm.

Have a great day, all, and I hope your Lent is fabulous (if you observe Lent)!  If you don’t, I just hope that spring comes quickly & you start to feel GREAT!  xo



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4 responses to “Sara – FAT Tuesday! I plan to enjoy it!

  1. This is a great week, Sara! My doctor recommends not finishing dinner, keeping dessert or whatever for a late evening snack. It’s worked pretty well for me.
    Also, on my way back from Vienna, found that I had gained two pound. In five days.
    Charcuterie but not all that much, and beer. I don’t usually drink alcohol. So I guess beer did it!
    I’ll see how long it takes to lose them.
    Congratulations on the gym, trampoline and contradancing! And the steps! Wow!

  2. Wow Sara! That is an amazing week. Good for you!

  3. naomidagenbloom

    Love the “commercial” for ElderExercise, Sara. In my imagination it’s a YouTube with a choral background and each of us trying to keep up with your pace in her preferred style. Great stepping–and wonderful how you use all these different modes toward your goal.

  4. sablonneuse

    Another great week, sara and I’m pleased you decided to enjoy Shrove Tuesday. Hope that giving up alcohol will speed up your weight loss – and you can save up to buy something new in a smaller size for Easter!

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