Sandy – back again

Hello all, sorry for being so long (again).

September was chock full of medical  appointments for  the whole family – but mainly my husband with follow-up checks after a week in the diabetic unit and then a cataract operation.

My neighbour has been away quite a lot because it’s a sad time for her – birthday and wedding anniversary for the first time since the death of her husband last April. She didn’t want to be at home on her own so I looked after her house and pets while she went to stay with relatives.

That meant a good bit of dog walking which helped me lose 2 kilos in a month. Nowhere near the target I had in mind but a loss all the same.

I’ve been having regular massages to help my neck and back which tend to seize up but last week the physio, who is training to be an osteopath, tried out some of her ‘new moves’ on me. This included bending and twisting  my knee – ouch – she didn’t realise I had a problem (she’s fairly new) and by the time I’d shouted it was a bit too late. Fortunately her manipulation was gentle so no great damage was done – just a few days of being extra careful and I’m back to what’s normal for me.

It’s becoming harder to get up now that the mornings are so dark so I’m looking forward to the clocks going back an hour at the end of this month.



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4 responses to “Sandy – back again

  1. Good to see you back here! You mentioned dog walking as good exercise earlier. Too bad you have cats and not a dog. Dogs HAVE to be walked, which means that you get walked too!
    My doctor always says that one shouldn’t aim at anything weightwise, but aim at healthy eating. Easier said than done!
    Let’s all try to be more regular. For me that’ll be after Rajasthan though. It seems that Internet access is not easy there.

  2. lilalia

    Sounds like a very busy month indeed. Hopefully, the dog walking helped you get some well needed time on your own.

  3. sablonneuse

    Claude and Lia, I should mention that the dog is small and elderly but he still walks faster than I do.

  4. Sara

    Hurrah for you, Sandy! Two kilos! Brava!
    I think you were lucky with this little dog – dogs I have walked are always stopping to sniff and so we never were able to get much of a pace going.
    Try my gmail – it is the same user name as my – it might get through more easily!
    I too will be happy when the time change comes, even though I treasure the light at the end of the day. It seems I wake up early anyhow but it always feels colder when it’s dark…

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