Lynn–Despite good intentions…

I’ve once again gone 3 weeks without posting. I have been exercising however. I don’t have a daily log (not very good at daily record keeping either) but I’ve managed to get in at least 1/2 hour walking or vigorous yard work 5 days each of the 3 weeks. Today I spent about an hour and a half doing leaf clean-up and there’s a lot more to do. I’ve been, as usual, less successful with the strength building exercises but did manage to do them twice last week, so that’s an improvement.

We have one more week here before we set the clocks back and I lose my after-work walking time. I think at first I’ll try switching my exercise time, with a goal of getting a short walk in before I leave for work and another short walk at lunch time (there’s a nice river walk near my office). But I’m still thinking about what to do when the bad weather sets in. We didn’t get the snow that Sara posted about but we have had some cold rainy days–just a little foretaste of what’s to come.



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2 responses to “Lynn–Despite good intentions…

  1. Sara

    I think you’re doing very well! My back yard cleanup is still waiting for me…and my motivation is really down. Hope the “two short walks” approach is working for you! And I am also nearly 3 weeks late posting…so don’t feel bad! Off to post now…

  2. Gardening is good exercise. Have you tried google calendar to jot down your daily exercise? That’s what I use, and then when I post here, I just copy paste what’s in the calendar day by day

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