Lynn–it’s been too long

I apologize for my absence. It’s been over 3 weeks since I posted, I believe.

2 out of the 3 weeks were fairly good exercise weeks. On those weeks, I walked at least 1/2 hour 4 or 5 times during the week and did at least 1 day of strength training each of those weeks. I keep saying I need to improve on the strength training–it’s hard to find the right routine that doesn’t end up stressing my hip or shoulder but I’ll persevere. Last Thursday I tried a new, shorter routine that felt like it worked the right muscles with minimal strain on my lower back/hip.

Last week was a busy week, with after-work events 2 evenings, so it was harder to maintain a routine.

My plan this week is to walk each day except Friday (I’m going to dinner and a concert right after work) and to do strength training on Tuesday and Thursday (and possibly Saturday). I’ll check in on Sunday to let you know how it goes. I walked yesterday and today for a little over 1/2 hour each day.

The days are getting shorter, have you noticed? I need to come up with a plan for a winter exercise routine. I look forward to exercise when I can walk outside but am not a fan of cardio machines and gyms. I can walk in my neighborhood after dark–it’s safe–but I don’t walk as quickly or as far and I stop altogether when it starts to get icy under foot. Last year I joined a gym for the winter months but rarely went–I’m not a morning person so going to the gym before work is not a realistic option and it’s hard to get myself out of the house and off to the gym on cold, dark winter evenings. I’ve tried indoor walking in my living room using the Leslie Sansone DVDs–hard to work up a sweat and get my pulse rate up. Any suggestions? What have you all done to get yourselves through the winter?



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5 responses to “Lynn–it’s been too long

  1. Sara

    Good for you, Lynn! It sounds as though you are good at planning. I do best when I don’t plan, I fear…
    Winter. Ugh. I do go to the gym but am out of the habit now since I put my membership on vacation for 2 months. I have a jogging trampoline that I use indoors & a stationery cardioglide, but I am BAD about actually using them. It’s a struggle, no matter what.
    I’ll say more when we actually get into it & I can remember what I do… 🙂

  2. lilalia

    I’ve registered for an evening jazz dance class at a local YWCA sort of thing. Just six of us and the woman giving the class is about my age and seems very nice. It is called jazz class, but half of it is stomach, po, and back exercise. Gosh, I thought I wouldn’t be able to crawl out of the first class. What I am trying to say in a long convoluted way, why don’t you try some group activity?

  3. naomidagenbloom

    clearly my own movement record does not offer you a model. but keeping on with us as a reminder to yourself could be useful.

    lia’s suggestion of some group thing is an idea. sara has had experience with these in the past and seems to get much pleasure when she does.

  4. sablonneuse

    Hello Lynn, as you see, there’s no need to apologise to most of us for not posting regularly. I, for one, am much worse than you! However, I do think about you all quite a lot.
    It’s good that you can walk after dark in your neighbourhood. Sadly that’s not the case everywhere nowadays.
    As for indoor exercise I’m afraid I can’t offer any good advice. For me winter means rather less movement, unfortunately, but I’m sure you’ll get better suggestions from the other members.

  5. Living in the big city makes it easy to walk whether during the day or in the evening. I must admit that whenever I’m Normandy, I walk much less. And I agree, it’s hard to work out at home. In the winter, if the weather is really bad I do that on my indoors bike, (easy to work up a sweat on that) but really, it’s not my favourite exercise.

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