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Lynn–Where is everyone? Are we still blogging?

Hi all. I’m starting to feel like the lone voice in the wilderness. I hope everyone is OK and that the blog absence is due to general busyness and not ill health.

We’re seeing signs of spring here in Massachusetts. I’ve been walking more as well as doing my yoga/stretching/strengthening exercises at least 2x a week. I need to lose some winter weight.

It would be good to know whether or not we’re continuing the blog and perhaps formally put an end to it if we’re not.




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Lynn–checking in

Hello all. Just checking in and wondering what’s up with everyone. Winter does seem to be hanging on here with a bitter grip. I got away for a long weekend in Florida this past weekend, which was wonderful and hot. Lots of flat walking which was relatively easy on my knees. \\Exercise continues to be spotty. I began walking outside more when the roads got a bit less icy and the afternoons stayed light longer but things have gotten icy again. I’ve been doing stretching & strength work 2 or 3 days a week but need to be more consistent about that. My knees continue to be an issue–I just bought a book through Amazon–Yoga for Arthritis. Looks interesting. Claude, how are your knees these days?

So, what are we doing about this blog? Is this just a temporary hiatus or are things coming to a close?




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Lynn–signs of spring

Hmm–well that might be a bit overstating it–but I was delighted to see that the temperature will be climbing all of this coming week and might get close to 50 by the end of the week.

I’m feeling buried in snow here in Massachusetts. I had someone come to shovel my roof last week after the roof of a house in my neighborhood collapsed into the inhabitants’ living room–one article I read said that the accumulation of snow we’ve had this winter is equivalent to parking a couple of SUVs on the roof. Anyhow, all that roof snow ended up in big snow mountains outside my front and back doors. The guys carved a path through the front door snow mountain but I don’t think I’ll be exiting via the rear door for a while.

This is all to say that I’ve got a touch of cabin fever and have not been exercising much other than my usual stair climbing at work and periodic bouts wrestling the snow blower up and down the driveway. I’m feeling very out of shape aerobically and my pants are starting to feel a bit snug so this has got to change. I did get out for short walks the past couple of days and hope to do so again today–the ice is finally beginning to melt from the roads and sidewalks in my neighborhood.

How is everyone else faring? I see we’ve all gone silent for the winter.

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Lynn–good habits die fast

Oh my, it’s winter isn’t it? I’ve been reading all these articles recently about the horrors of being a couch potato–but really, in the winter in New England, it’s hard to be anything but a couch potato unless you love skiing (which I don’t). Today is our 3rd snow day this month–snow all morning, freezing rain now–this does NOT entice me out for a walk! But there’s always Leslie…

I haven’t been good about keeping records of exercise–one of the habits that died over my break. However, I have walked to a LS DVD once, done a 20 minute gentle aerobic dance routine once, done some strength/stretching work a couple of times, muscled a snow blower up and down my driveway several times, and spent a few minutes with a long handled roof rake getting some of the snow off my roof.

I will start keeping records this week so I can offer a more detailed report next time I post.


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Lynn–back in town but being a bit of a slug

I had a great time in California, visiting family who live in the Bay area. It was so nice to be in a milder climate–even went for a short walk on the beach on Christmas eve. I didn’t get much exercise, alas. Lots of our touring around was by car with just short walks. But I did have one day wandering around a museum and 2 days w/ lots of airport walking 🙂

I got caught up in the “blizzard” travel disruptions on 12/27, the day I was supposed to return so I didn’t get back until 12/30–although San Francisco isn’t a bad place to be stranded.

I had great intentions to get back on track with exercise but have been tired and jet lagged and putting in extra hours at work to try to make up some of the extra time I was away. But the year is young!

I hope everyone had safe and enjoyable travels.

Here’s to a fit and healthy 2011 for us all.


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Lynn–checking in

Good morning. I have little to report in the way of exercise. My sister has been visiting since 12/8. Lovely to have her here but she’s not an exerciser and my exercise routine has really fallen off. Mornings are cold and we’ve been lazy with coffee, etc., until mid to late morning, when we go out for most of the day, arriving back home just as it’s getting dark. Although I’ve been strolling around sightseeing and shopping it doesn’t count as exercise. I did an in-home aerobic dance tape one night, have gone for a couple of short walks, done one round of leg strenghthening exercises, took part in the choral groups holiday concert (lots of standing) and that’s about it. I look forward to getting back into a routine in the new year.

Happy holidays to all!


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Lynn–still busy

I think that title will apply for the next couple of posts as I surge forward with getting my house ready for a visitor who hasn’t been here in a few years and try to get things wrapped up at work. (It’s not that my daily living conditions are sloppy and dirty 😉 but over time, things accumulate and I’m taking this opportunity to do a different level of cleaning.)

Thank you for everyone’s kind words about Indigo’s death. When I have more time, I’ll post a photo of him. He was the last of 3 cats who’d kept my house warm over the past 17 years.

Thanksgiving was lovely. Sara’s turkey photo makes my mouth water in remembrance of the bird that graced our table.

I haven’t been very consistent with exercise or with tracking what I did and I suspect that this will continue until after the holidays.

Monday 11/22–Leslie Sansone 2 mile walk–stopped a bit short b/c of sore knees–did about 25 minutes worth

Tuesday 11/23–10 minute outdoor walk plus 1/2 hour of strength/stretch work

Wednesday and Thursday–no exercise (unless you count eating a big meal )

Friday 11/26–Walk outside 25 minutes, 30 minutes stretch/strength workout

Saturday and Sunday–Lots of busyness, much of it physical but no dedicated exercise.

Monday 11/29–work and chorus after work–no exercise.


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