Sara – cannot plead weather – plus work schedule is improving

Now it’s just laziness & the fact that I’d rather be reading or doing French or playing with galleries on Flickr!

Ah well!  Here is the report.

Mon. Sept. 28 – 8811 steps (5567 aerobic), 3.61 miles.

Tues. Sept. 29 – 7031 steps (2317 aerobic), 2.88 miles.

Wed. Sept. 30 – 6030 steps (1984 aerobic), 2.47 miles

Thurs. Oct. 1 – 7702 steps (3549 aerobic), 3.16 miles

Fri. Oct. 2 – 5695 steps (1886 aerobic), 2.33 miles

Sat. Oct. 3 – 11960 steps (7773 aerobic), 4.90 miles

Sun. Oct. 4 – 10052 steps (4837 aerobic), 4.12 miles

Mon. Oct. 5 – 6966 steps (2189 aerobic), 2.85 miles

It’s tough for me to get in more than 3 miles during the week.   I comfort myself by remembering that one of my goals was consistency, & this does look more consistent.  However, on the weekend I had to stop several times on one of my hills – since for hills, I am out of shape.  May try doing the hill more often during the week instead of the easy round-the-block circuit.

I have my bone density test in a couple of weeks & will see if the combo of generic Fosamax & walking has helped my left hip (which was inching toward osteoporosis 2 years ago).  No symptoms there but they see some difference between that hip & the rest of my bones.  And some GOOD news, my gynecologist says he only needs to see me every TWO years!  Woo hoo!

Where is Lia?  Where is Sandy?  Where is Naomi?  Yoo hoo, you guys, we miss you!  Hope all is well…

I’m getting a new “used” camera, a Canon G3 – if I like it you will be seeing photos again soon!  I hope it will arrive this week…

🙂   Happy walking, Sara



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5 responses to “Sara – cannot plead weather – plus work schedule is improving

  1. lilalia

    Consistency, growing strength and bullheadedness is what we are all riding on… Sorry, I haven’t been here (came down with fever and flue mid last week, but better now). Good news all around, even though you seem to expect a lot from yourself. Sigh, don’t we all suffer a bit from this? I think you look mighty fine indeed.

  2. naomidagenbloom

    lia, good to see you still here…hope your flue (is that european spelling) has gone by now–however and wherever it’s spelled.

  3. naomidagenbloom

    oh, sara, you can tell that it’s been too long since i’ve been here and left a comment for lia at your space. also, there have been some changes in word press–again.

    but the important thing is that now your picture is here, very lovely. also, your steps impress me and your continuing determination.

    on a questioning note: (1) when a gyn said not to return for three years some time ago, i took it as a brush-off since she did not explain why. never have seen one again; it’s been five years. so maybe just as well since i think those of us with good health insurance get over-doctored. (2) do you have a sense from docs about the importance of diet and exercise vis a vis medication? just wondering.

    and, since you and i periodically speak of our weight, mine has gone up to 142.5 this morning…not on the street enough!

  4. sablonneuse

    Hello Sara, sorry to have been absent again. I did try to email you some weeks ago but they won’t get through again.
    Your step count looks pretty impressive to me so you shouldn’t accuse yourself of being lazy.
    Wishing you all the best for your next bone check. Do let us know how it goes.

  5. Well, with a past history of breast cancer, I’m afraid I have to go to the gyn once a year. I’ve never taken the bone density test, hate going to doctors.
    I wonder why ‘back to school’ time (which is not back to school for me) makes us feel like that? Have the feeling last year was easier!

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