Sara – to Paris and back! Ooh la la!

Bonjour, tout le monde, je suis arrivé de Paris, après une bonne visite avec Claude!  OK, now I’ll return to English since my French still isn’t all that great.  Claude and I had a wonderful time hanging out together, walking, taking photos, eating, talking, etc. etc. etc.  Weather was cold but that just made it nicer going into restaurants and cafés.  I had some truly exceptional food and will share just a few photos…

But first to fill in my exercise record before leaving…

Dec. 26, 2010 – Jan. 7, 2011 – week of my trip to Paris!  Weighed 137 when I left, 139 when I returned!
Sun. Dec. 26 – 3528 steps (3 Leslie abs miles)  ST – 3×10 bicycle crunches
Mon. Dec. 27 – 10446 steps (4862 aerobic)
Tues. Dec. 28 – 10001 steps (5357 aerobic – maybe these were the Cincinnati steps…hmmm…)
Wed. Dec. 29 – 7836 steps (4215 aerobic in the Cincinnati airport during layover, sometime) – this step count is off due to resetting the pedometer.  I can’t figure it out & who cares…

I arrived in Paris early on Wednesday the 29th and Claude and I went to dinner that night at a Left Bank restaurant that I had discovered two years ago.

Our first night was spent at Le Petit Pontoise, and here is Claude anticipating dinner!

I had a beautiful leg of hare with a yummy dark brown sauce and tasty carrots and potatoes.  Claude had magret canard – orange sauce – which she said was marvelous.  We like this place!  AND it’s quite close to my hotel.
Thurs. Dec. 30 – reset time – 11686 steps (3841, incl. 22′ on Claude’s elliptical)
Fri. Dec. 31 – 20626 steps (6223 aerobic)

We spent New Year’s Eve together, eating quail with celery root and figs and Cote du Bourg red wine (can’t do that accent, Claude, it wants to close my page!)

The next morning, I set out to walk to Montparnasse and ended up bypassing Montparnasse and seeing other things.
2011:  Woo hoo!
Sat. Jan. 1 – 11971 steps (4494 aerobic)

On New Year’s Day, I ate this

tartare saumon avec frites et salade, at Au Vieux Colombier, for a very reasonable price! Delicious!

Sun. Jan. 2 – 17628 steps (5240 aerobic)

As you can see, I did a lot of walking in Paris even though I was a bit jetlagged!  Good thing, since I also did a lot of eating!  I went to Notre Dame for several festive masses on Epiphany – here is what the beautiful altar looked like

Notre Dame's high altar with crèche, Epiphany - music was incredible, Maitrises de Notre Dame!

Mon. Jan. 3 – 13510 steps, zero aerobic
Tues. Jan. 4 – 19194 steps (4986 aerobic)

I resisted the siren song of these Christmas market goodies near St. Germain des Près...

But I must confess to enjoying quite a bit of vin chaud, irresistible in the chilly weather!   It kept me walking…
Wed. Jan. 5 – 14760 steps (1123 aerobic)

I did indeed climb the 450 steps to the top of the towers of Notre Dame and here is the proof...

Thurs. Jan. 6 – 16225 steps (2085 aerobic)

One of my nicest meals was here, on rue Montagne St. Geneviève, but my exposures were off so I'm showing you the resto...

Fri. Jan. 7 – 5844 steps (flew home)  boo hoo boo hoo…there was free wine on the plane which helped me sleep a bit…and then coffee to get me ready for the 3 hour drive from Pittsburgh to home…

And now at home, my body is finally realizing that it’s not in Paris any more…
Sat. Jan. 8 – 4406 steps – pretty out of it due to jet lag – weighed 139 lbs., only 2 more than when I left!
Sun. Jan. 9 – 8678 steps (50′ cardio = 3 LS miles, 2 of them w. arms focus)
Mon. Jan. 10 – 8836 steps (54′ cardio = LS 4 mile challenge; 12′ Pilates abs video)
Tues. Jan. 11 – 7428 steps (44′ cardio = 3 LS miles, 1 legs focus, 1 fast); ST pliés/relevés 3×8 – finally began to sleep on a normal schedule!
Wed. Jan. 12 – 8876 steps (42′ cardio = 3 LS abs miles); ST bike crunches 3×8 – hit my goal weight of 135 pounds, thanks to eating differently, I think as a result of the trip.

Today I oscillated back up to 136.5 but that is to be expected.  A wonderful vacation, lots of great food and drink, and still on track – what more could one want for 2011?

I’m not making New Year’s resolutions, but I am laying a few tentative plans which I will tell you about in future posts.  For starters, I am experimenting with Bollywood Dance videos, beginning today!  I need some variety, a change from Leslie, and I may also add some Zumba, will try out some videos from Netflix.

Work begins again in earnest on Monday and there is a choir party Sunday night, so I have a few more days of improvised activity which I am looking forward to.

See you all soon again in 2011!  Hugs, Sara



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Lynn–back in town but being a bit of a slug

I had a great time in California, visiting family who live in the Bay area. It was so nice to be in a milder climate–even went for a short walk on the beach on Christmas eve. I didn’t get much exercise, alas. Lots of our touring around was by car with just short walks. But I did have one day wandering around a museum and 2 days w/ lots of airport walking 🙂

I got caught up in the “blizzard” travel disruptions on 12/27, the day I was supposed to return so I didn’t get back until 12/30–although San Francisco isn’t a bad place to be stranded.

I had great intentions to get back on track with exercise but have been tired and jet lagged and putting in extra hours at work to try to make up some of the extra time I was away. But the year is young!

I hope everyone had safe and enjoyable travels.

Here’s to a fit and healthy 2011 for us all.


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Lia- a fond farewell

Dear Elder Exercisers,

A very Merry Christmas and Holiday Season to you all! I wish you a year of shared health and happiness.

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to stop posting on this blog. I haven’t been regular with posting and neither has my heart been in my writing and I don’t want to continue doing something badly.

I wanted to express my sincere thanks to you all for building this wonderful network of friends. You have taught me much about patience and perseverance. This blog has also helped me overcome many hurtles of laziness. Claudia, you never cease to inspire me with your pragmatism, as well as deep commitment towards your exercise routine. Now that I am part of a weight lifting program and still walking regularly, I will hopefully continue building on mine.

If it is all right with you, I would like to continue reading your posts and commenting on occasion. Would that be fine?

Once again, that you all for your support over the years.

a fond farewell,



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Sara – almost made it through Christmas…

The period leading up to Christmas has seemed harder this year.  I’m not quite sure why, except that possibly there were more funerals…that always breaks momentum and adds to the load.  The happy thing is that I’ve been preparing to go to Paris to visit Claude, and I’ve had to get much of my early 2011 planning done before leaving.  BUT the vacation time will be so worth it!

As usual, we are preparing lots of wonderful music and this year’s choir program for Christmas Eve should be really special!  They are doing so well.  Pat-a-pan with snare drum and piccolo, Noel Nouvelet with 2 flutes, and Bring a Torch, Jeannette, Isabella in a Robert Shaw arrangement, among other things.

here is a picture of our tree with chrismon ornaments and apples

I did fairly well with cardio and ST right after Thanksgiving – motivated to lose those extra pounds!

Nov. 26 – Dec. 4, 2010
Fri. 11-26 – 9821 steps (61 cardio min. = 4 mi. Leslie DVDs, arms focus)
Sat. 11-27 – 13312 steps (64 cardio min. = 5 mi. Leslie DVDs, abs focus); ST 4×6 bicycle crunches; 3×6 clamshell crunches with ball
Sun. 11-28 – 2667 steps – rest day
Mon. 11-29 – 13807 steps (55 cardio min. = 1.5 mi. outdoors, 2 Leslie mi – arms); ST wall pushups 6×10
Tues. 11-30 – 11052 steps (54 cardio min. = Leslie 4 mi. challenge); ST lunges 3×8, squats 4×8, thighmaster 5×10
Wed. 12-1 – 14191 steps (82 cardio min. = Leslie 6 miles); ST bicycle crunches 4×6
Thurs. 12-2 – 12714 steps (70 cardio min. = Leslie 5 mi. challenge w. arms work)
Fri. 12-3 – 12347 steps (55 cardio min. = Leslie 4 mi. – 1 abs, 1 legs focus)
Sat. 12-4 – 9074 steps (42 cardio min. = Leslie 3 mi – abs focus) ST bicycle crunches 4×6


But then I began to gradually slack off…I can hardly remember why some of these days ended up as rest days…
Dec. 5 – 11
Sun. 12-5 – 5715 steps – rest day
Mon. 12-6 – 3793 steps – no cardio
Tues. 12-7 – 9554 steps (58 cardio min. = 4.5 Leslie miles, focus legs, some jogging)
Wed. 12-8 – 9885 steps (40 cardio min. = 3 Leslie abs miles) bicycle crunches 4×12
Thurs. 12-9 – 10496 steps (56 cardio min. = 4 Leslie mi, arms focus) wall pushups 6×8
Fri. 12-10 – 11805 steps (66 cardio min. = Leslie 5 mi. challenge, arms focus)
Sat. 12-11 – 16985 steps (58 cardio min. = 1.5 mi. outdoors w. weighted vest, 2.5 Leslie miles)

This week, it was just a struggle to keep going & get in some cardio, any cardio…
Dec. 12-18
Sun. Dec. 12 – 5919 steps – rest day
Mon. Dec. 13 – 8897 steps (40 cardio min. = 3 Leslie abs miles)
Tues. Dec. 14 – 8106 steps (45 cardio min. = 3 mi Leslie boot camp – some ST exercises included – I was disappointed in this DVD)
Wed. Dec. 15 – 12648 steps (69 cardio min. = 5 mi Leslie abs focus)
Thurs. Dec. 16 – 8169 steps – no cardio
Fri. Dec. 17 – 10897 steps (57 cardio min. = 4 Leslie mi, 2 w. arms work)
Sat. Dec. 18 – 5391 steps – no cardio?  took kids caroling to nursing home

Sunday Dec. 19 was a fairly good day, I had off from work and did a good bit of cardio and walking outside.

But then Monday I fell ill, with some upper respiratory malady, and have had 3 days with no exercise whatsoever.  I managed to keep doing my rehearsals, though, and finally am getting my voice back, just in time to cantor the children’s mass tomorrow night – and then I will conduct the choir’s “midnight” mass (which happens at 11 PM) – and then I will be DONE!   And I will fly away to Gay Paree in time for 2011!

Sorry to be so absent.  I think that when i am under stress i tend to just hunker down and focus on what MUST be done, and everything else falls by the wayside.  This month, that focus has had to be on work.  I’m looking forward to 2011!  AND to a break.

Happy holidays, everyone!  🙂


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Nancy – Heading for warm weather

My last week has been very unproductive. Other than stair walking and two walks from campus into town to do errands I’ve been a slug.  There has been so much to do between finishing up the semester, getting two manuscripts submitted, and getting ready to go on vacation that I’ve run out of time.  I was madly knitting away to finish sweaters for my two great nephews and my sister. It was possible to walk and knit until the sweaters became to large to hold while knitting. Walking while knitting did increase my steps by a couple 1,000 steps a day.

While we are on vacation we walk every morning along the ocean and can walk to the grocery store and a number of good restaurants. We usually get more than 10,000 steps in a day so I’m looking forward to moving a lot more. Our condominium faces the ocean this year so we will have a wonder view.  Kauai is a beautiful island.  I’ll post pictures when we return.


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Lynn–checking in

Good morning. I have little to report in the way of exercise. My sister has been visiting since 12/8. Lovely to have her here but she’s not an exerciser and my exercise routine has really fallen off. Mornings are cold and we’ve been lazy with coffee, etc., until mid to late morning, when we go out for most of the day, arriving back home just as it’s getting dark. Although I’ve been strolling around sightseeing and shopping it doesn’t count as exercise. I did an in-home aerobic dance tape one night, have gone for a couple of short walks, done one round of leg strenghthening exercises, took part in the choral groups holiday concert (lots of standing) and that’s about it. I look forward to getting back into a routine in the new year.

Happy holidays to all!


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Claude – two cold weeks

I can’t say that my knee condition has improved all that much with the injection. I still can’t stretch out my right leg or walk fast for a long period of time. Actually I have given up on brisk walking after the last time, when my knee really hurt like hell afterwards. But I do walk at home, when I’m on the phone, or watching TV. I find that talking on the phone makes time pass and I end up adding up quite a few steps. Not as efficient as walking outside, but much better than sitting on my butt 😉
Here are my two exercise weeks from Monday, December 6, to Sunday, December 19, 2010
Monday: 25 flexibility routine, 20 PT, 2×10 thighmaster, 4800 steps (day spent at IKEA, very tiring, but very few steps)
Tuesday: 25 flexibility routine, 20 PT, 2×15 crunches, 2×15 hip flexors, 2×15 pendulum, 2x superman10mn warming up, 39mn cardio on elliptical, 6mn stretching, 11000steps
Wednesday: 25 flexibility routine, 20 PT, 10000 steps (day when I had the injection, the surgeon suggested no exercise.)
Thursday: 25 flexibility routine, 20 PT, 10 x thighmaster, 2×12 single leg squats with chair, 2×12 Seated leg extensions, 2×12 calf raises with chair, 7mn warming up, 40mn elliptical, 6mn stretching, 11600 steps,
Friday: 25mn flexibility routine, 20mn PT, 13mn brisk walking, 9mn warming up, 25mn cardio on elliptical, 6mn stretching, one-hour gym class (strength training + stretching), 12000 steps
Saturday: 25 min flexibility routine, 20 min PT, 2×15 Dumbbell Chest Press, 2×15 One-Arm Dumbbell Rows, 2×15 Alternating Dumbbell BIceps Curls, 2×15 Seated Dumbbell Triceps Extensions, 8mn warming up, 39mn cardio on elliptical, 6mn stretching, 12000 steps
Sunday: 25 min flexibility routine, 20 min PT, 3×15 lying single leg raises, 3×12 thighmaster, 10000 steps


Stonehenge, the summer of 2009

Monday: 25mn flexibility routine, my pedometer battery gave up! And I spent the day with my daughter trying on wedding dresses. She found one she liked!
Tuesday: 25mn flexibility routine, 20mn PT, 15mn warming up, 2×15 crunches, 2×15 pendulum with medicine ball, Superman x 2, 40mn cardio on elliptical, 6mn stretching 10000 steps
Wednesday: 25mn flexibility routine, 20mn PT, 15mn warming up, 41mn cardio on elliptical, 6mn stretching 15000 steps
Thursday: 25mn flexibility routine, 20mn PT, 15mn warming up, 2×15 single leg squats with chair, 2×15 seated leg extensions, 2×15 calf raises with chair, 2×15 lying single-leg raises, 40mn cardio on elliptical, 6mn stretching, 12000 steps
Friday: 25mn flexibility routine, 20 PT, one-hour gym class (strength training + stretching), 10000 steps
Saturday: 25mn flexibility routine, 20mn PT, 2×15 Dumbbell Chest Press, 2×15 One-ArmDumbbell Rows, 2×15 Alternating Dumbbell Biceps Curls, 2×15 Seated Dumbbell Triceps Extensions, 11mn warming up, 40mn cardio on elliptical, 6mn stretching, 2-hour Feldenkrais workshop, 14000 steps
Sunday: 25mn flexibility routine, 20mn PT, 2×15 Hip Flexor, 2×15 crunches, 2×15 Reverse Crunch,13mn warming up, 40mn cardio on elliptical, 6mn stretching 11000 steps


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