Lynn–checking in

Hello all. Just checking in and wondering what’s up with everyone. Winter does seem to be hanging on here with a bitter grip. I got away for a long weekend in Florida this past weekend, which was wonderful and hot. Lots of flat walking which was relatively easy on my knees. \\Exercise continues to be spotty. I began walking outside more when the roads got a bit less icy and the afternoons stayed light longer but things have gotten icy again. I’ve been doing stretching & strength work 2 or 3 days a week but need to be more consistent about that. My knees continue to be an issue–I just bought a book through Amazon–Yoga for Arthritis. Looks interesting. Claude, how are your knees these days?

So, what are we doing about this blog? Is this just a temporary hiatus or are things coming to a close?





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2 responses to “Lynn–checking in

  1. lilalia

    Lynn, good to hear you managed to get away from the cold and icy conditions, if only for a short stay.

  2. Sara

    Hi, Lynn – I guess I’ve just gotten worn out with tracking so much stuff on sparkpeople and at the same time, trying to post here. Plus the winter blahs, of course. We’ve had lots of snow here too. I’ve kept going with Leslie DVDs and in the last 3 weeks have been doing a rookie run training thing on spark, aiming to do a virtual 5K by April 16th. I may just make that deadline and I must say I’m enjoying the training program I’m doing. I can feel myself getting stronger, both legs and lungs! Amazing.
    The virtual 5K thing – we mark off our route and then run it by April 16th – or I suppose if we can’t quite run it, we run/walk it – I am hoping to actually run mine! Even if it is a slow run.
    I’m down today to my lowest weight so far, 135.5 – I’ve been maintaining from 136 to 139, by and large – and now with a little boost from Lent, I’m losing again. Plus the running is only on alternate days, so on other days, I do Leslie or walk outside for cross-training benefits.
    I guess I really should post but I just can’t bring myself to write down all those step counts – but maybe I will anyway.
    Good to hear from you and I hope, if Claude does discontinue the blog, that we don’t lose touch.

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