Sara – getting back on track

Well, it’s been quite cold here – a couple of days ago I awoke to zero degrees F!   We have more cold coming this week – maybe one day approaching mere freezing – so best get used to it.

You will notice I’ve been experimenting with Bollywood Dance.  Let’s see if I can put a photo in here…

the dvd I've been using

Hm, didn’t go in as large as I wanted…oh well!  I must admit this is fun AND aerobic, but I don’ t think it burns as many calories as Leslie, so I’m back to Leslie – with perhaps some Bollywood thrown in for variety from time to time.  There is quite a lot of flexibility work however which is nice and different from Leslie.  Also lots of core movement.  and the music is great fun!  There is a playfulness in Bollywood dance that I really like – this is different from belly dancing which is pretty seriously sexy.  Bollywood is more fun sexy!

My prosaic step record –

Thurs. Jan. 13 – 12658 steps, 4261 aerobic (24′ = 1.5 mi. LS; 27′ = Bollywood Dance) ST pliés/relevés 6×8, grand pliés 3×8.
Fri. Jan. 14 – 7544 steps, 3688 aerobic (50′ Bollywood Dance)
Sat. Jan. 15 – 8321 steps, 2468 aerobic (1.05 mi. outdoors, in cold, 18′)
Sun. Jan. 16 – 4703 steps, 0 aerobic
Mon. Jan. 17 – 6847 steps, 3110 aerobic (28′ = 2 LS miles)
Tues. Jan. 18 – 11658 steps, 7191 aerobic (cardio 24′ = 1.5 mi. outdoors, 27′ = Bollywood)
Wed. Jan. `19 – 8705 steps, 4839 aerobic (37′ = 3 mi. LS, flat belly DVD)  ST = 4×10 bicycle crunches
Thurs. Jan. 20 – 6303 steps, 0 aerobic
Fri. Jan. 21 – 6197 steps, 3854 aerobic (1 mi. outdoors, 1 mi. LS with boost)
Sat. Jan. 22 – 13660 steps, 10881 aerobic (1.5 mi outdoors, 5 mi. LS – total 85 min.)

I have been overeating and not tracking my food so all that calorie burning still didn’t keep me from gaining up to 138.5.  But now after the last two days I am down again to 136 and hoping to stay there, if not a bit below, until mid-March.  I’m looking forward to experimenting with eating a bit more and trying to keep my exercise constant at 4 miles, 6 days a week, if I can.

ST = well, we’ll see!  Right now I am not feeling motivated, but maybe if I alternate ST with cardio, I can do it.

I’m also going to really try to post each Sunday night, through the day before, since sparkpeople’s week begins on Sunday.  Makes it a bit easier to transfer my doings from spark to EE.

I hope you all are well and still moving/walking/singing/elliptical-ing happily, in whatever weather conditions you have!


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  1. lynnbechtel

    The other advantage of Bollywood dance, I imagine, is that you could picture yourself in HOT India rather than icy PA.

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