Lynn–good habits die fast

Oh my, it’s winter isn’t it? I’ve been reading all these articles recently about the horrors of being a couch potato–but really, in the winter in New England, it’s hard to be anything but a couch potato unless you love skiing (which I don’t). Today is our 3rd snow day this month–snow all morning, freezing rain now–this does NOT entice me out for a walk! But there’s always Leslie…

I haven’t been good about keeping records of exercise–one of the habits that died over my break. However, I have walked to a LS DVD once, done a 20 minute gentle aerobic dance routine once, done some strength/stretching work a couple of times, muscled a snow blower up and down my driveway several times, and spent a few minutes with a long handled roof rake getting some of the snow off my roof.

I will start keeping records this week so I can offer a more detailed report next time I post.



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3 responses to “Lynn–good habits die fast

  1. lilalia

    Poor you. Winter can really be miserable in a way that is hard to portray. You just have to make sure you eat well and get a good amount of sleep. When the weather permits then you can go exploring. Do sympathise with your situation.

  2. Nancy

    I agree that winter is difficult. It is extremely difficult to exercise when it is so cold. The ice we have been having has left me very unwilling to go outside.

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