Lynn–back in town but being a bit of a slug

I had a great time in California, visiting family who live in the Bay area. It was so nice to be in a milder climate–even went for a short walk on the beach on Christmas eve. I didn’t get much exercise, alas. Lots of our touring around was by car with just short walks. But I did have one day wandering around a museum and 2 days w/ lots of airport walking 🙂

I got caught up in the “blizzard” travel disruptions on 12/27, the day I was supposed to return so I didn’t get back until 12/30–although San Francisco isn’t a bad place to be stranded.

I had great intentions to get back on track with exercise but have been tired and jet lagged and putting in extra hours at work to try to make up some of the extra time I was away. But the year is young!

I hope everyone had safe and enjoyable travels.

Here’s to a fit and healthy 2011 for us all.



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2 responses to “Lynn–back in town but being a bit of a slug

  1. lilalia

    Funny, always thought slugs were only out in summer (lol). We need to get accustomed to listening to our bodies as we grow older. If your body says couch and a hot cup of tea, so that it can recover from your travels, that it.

  2. Sara

    Jet lag really does interfere with energy levels, so take it easy until you’re back on schedule! You’ll get back into your routine soon enough. Happy New Year!

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