Sara – almost made it through Christmas…

The period leading up to Christmas has seemed harder this year.  I’m not quite sure why, except that possibly there were more funerals…that always breaks momentum and adds to the load.  The happy thing is that I’ve been preparing to go to Paris to visit Claude, and I’ve had to get much of my early 2011 planning done before leaving.  BUT the vacation time will be so worth it!

As usual, we are preparing lots of wonderful music and this year’s choir program for Christmas Eve should be really special!  They are doing so well.  Pat-a-pan with snare drum and piccolo, Noel Nouvelet with 2 flutes, and Bring a Torch, Jeannette, Isabella in a Robert Shaw arrangement, among other things.

here is a picture of our tree with chrismon ornaments and apples

I did fairly well with cardio and ST right after Thanksgiving – motivated to lose those extra pounds!

Nov. 26 – Dec. 4, 2010
Fri. 11-26 – 9821 steps (61 cardio min. = 4 mi. Leslie DVDs, arms focus)
Sat. 11-27 – 13312 steps (64 cardio min. = 5 mi. Leslie DVDs, abs focus); ST 4×6 bicycle crunches; 3×6 clamshell crunches with ball
Sun. 11-28 – 2667 steps – rest day
Mon. 11-29 – 13807 steps (55 cardio min. = 1.5 mi. outdoors, 2 Leslie mi – arms); ST wall pushups 6×10
Tues. 11-30 – 11052 steps (54 cardio min. = Leslie 4 mi. challenge); ST lunges 3×8, squats 4×8, thighmaster 5×10
Wed. 12-1 – 14191 steps (82 cardio min. = Leslie 6 miles); ST bicycle crunches 4×6
Thurs. 12-2 – 12714 steps (70 cardio min. = Leslie 5 mi. challenge w. arms work)
Fri. 12-3 – 12347 steps (55 cardio min. = Leslie 4 mi. – 1 abs, 1 legs focus)
Sat. 12-4 – 9074 steps (42 cardio min. = Leslie 3 mi – abs focus) ST bicycle crunches 4×6


But then I began to gradually slack off…I can hardly remember why some of these days ended up as rest days…
Dec. 5 – 11
Sun. 12-5 – 5715 steps – rest day
Mon. 12-6 – 3793 steps – no cardio
Tues. 12-7 – 9554 steps (58 cardio min. = 4.5 Leslie miles, focus legs, some jogging)
Wed. 12-8 – 9885 steps (40 cardio min. = 3 Leslie abs miles) bicycle crunches 4×12
Thurs. 12-9 – 10496 steps (56 cardio min. = 4 Leslie mi, arms focus) wall pushups 6×8
Fri. 12-10 – 11805 steps (66 cardio min. = Leslie 5 mi. challenge, arms focus)
Sat. 12-11 – 16985 steps (58 cardio min. = 1.5 mi. outdoors w. weighted vest, 2.5 Leslie miles)

This week, it was just a struggle to keep going & get in some cardio, any cardio…
Dec. 12-18
Sun. Dec. 12 – 5919 steps – rest day
Mon. Dec. 13 – 8897 steps (40 cardio min. = 3 Leslie abs miles)
Tues. Dec. 14 – 8106 steps (45 cardio min. = 3 mi Leslie boot camp – some ST exercises included – I was disappointed in this DVD)
Wed. Dec. 15 – 12648 steps (69 cardio min. = 5 mi Leslie abs focus)
Thurs. Dec. 16 – 8169 steps – no cardio
Fri. Dec. 17 – 10897 steps (57 cardio min. = 4 Leslie mi, 2 w. arms work)
Sat. Dec. 18 – 5391 steps – no cardio?  took kids caroling to nursing home

Sunday Dec. 19 was a fairly good day, I had off from work and did a good bit of cardio and walking outside.

But then Monday I fell ill, with some upper respiratory malady, and have had 3 days with no exercise whatsoever.  I managed to keep doing my rehearsals, though, and finally am getting my voice back, just in time to cantor the children’s mass tomorrow night – and then I will conduct the choir’s “midnight” mass (which happens at 11 PM) – and then I will be DONE!   And I will fly away to Gay Paree in time for 2011!

Sorry to be so absent.  I think that when i am under stress i tend to just hunker down and focus on what MUST be done, and everything else falls by the wayside.  This month, that focus has had to be on work.  I’m looking forward to 2011!  AND to a break.

Happy holidays, everyone!  🙂



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2 responses to “Sara – almost made it through Christmas…

  1. It sure doesn’t look like slacking off to me! Considering your workload, I can’t even imagine how you could possibly have done more (not to mention being sick on top of it all)
    Get some rest before you get on the plane and fly over!
    I am looking forward to seeing you in Gay Paree and hoping we won’t go overboard too much in terms of food! 😉

  2. lynnbechtel

    I’m thinking of you and Claude in Paris–Hope you are having a wonderful time! Please fill us in on your adventures.

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