Lynn–still busy

I think that title will apply for the next couple of posts as I surge forward with getting my house ready for a visitor who hasn’t been here in a few years and try to get things wrapped up at work. (It’s not that my daily living conditions are sloppy and dirty 😉 but over time, things accumulate and I’m taking this opportunity to do a different level of cleaning.)

Thank you for everyone’s kind words about Indigo’s death. When I have more time, I’ll post a photo of him. He was the last of 3 cats who’d kept my house warm over the past 17 years.

Thanksgiving was lovely. Sara’s turkey photo makes my mouth water in remembrance of the bird that graced our table.

I haven’t been very consistent with exercise or with tracking what I did and I suspect that this will continue until after the holidays.

Monday 11/22–Leslie Sansone 2 mile walk–stopped a bit short b/c of sore knees–did about 25 minutes worth

Tuesday 11/23–10 minute outdoor walk plus 1/2 hour of strength/stretch work

Wednesday and Thursday–no exercise (unless you count eating a big meal )

Friday 11/26–Walk outside 25 minutes, 30 minutes stretch/strength workout

Saturday and Sunday–Lots of busyness, much of it physical but no dedicated exercise.

Monday 11/29–work and chorus after work–no exercise.



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4 responses to “Lynn–still busy

  1. lilalia

    It is good to have an excuse to do a major clean up! Sure wish I could make myself feel the need, our home really could use one… Don’t you think that singing also influences your health in a positive manner? (just a thought, since most people I know who sing in choirs come home feeling happy and more joyous than they did setting out)

  2. Nancy

    All the cleaning is good exercise. I tell myself that when ever I do a thorough cleaning of the basement. Even when we don’t manage to do official exercise, just keeping moving is important.

  3. Oh I know what you mean about cleaning up! Isn’t it great that we have visitors and that it forces us to tidy up? I must say that I do let things sort of accumulate and then when I have to tidy, it takes hours instead of a few minutes, when done regularly.
    Have a great Holiday season

  4. Sara

    He he, here’s the visitor checking in! I’m tidying up here too, before leaving…now that my last rehearsal is done and I actually have a night off! SO looking forward to being done with this last mass, although the choir is doing so well, I think it will be fun!

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