Sara – made it through Thanksgiving Day – and I’m thankful!

Well, so much for good intentions.  My usual excuses apply – work work work – plus house cleaning for a choir gathering – plus concerts, bazaar, other stuff.  However it is really good for me to keep this record and sum up several weeks progress.  I WILL try to get back to every week, I will, I will…

The weather has been yucky.  When you put that with my schedule, you come up with a lot of indoors walking.  My computer issues are gradually working out however, which does help my efficiency.  For a while, I stuck to my ST intentions and I do think it helped.  But then I hit a very tired overworked period, missed a couple days cardio completely.  However, weather then got better, and I switched to outdoor walking with the 10 lb. vest – which turns out to be tiring in a very different way.  I can’t exactly describe it, you just feel that your whole body has really worked.  I’m working up to being able to wear this thing for a whole 3 miles.  Actually did it once…

Nov. 8-14
Mon. 11-8 – 11804 steps (45′ = 3 LS miles, 1 with stretchy for arms). No ST, just too tired.
Tues. 11-9 – 9316 steps (48′ = 3 LS miles, 1 with stretchy for arms). ST: grand pliés 6×10; lying abduction 4×10; lying adduction 4×8; calf raises 4×10; lying double-leg raises 3×6; bridges 2×10
Wed. 11-10 – 12192 steps (45′ = walk/run outdoors; 19′ 1 LS mile w. 2 lb. weights).  ST: ab curls 2×8; plank 1×2; side plank 2×2.
Just didn’t have it for 12′ Pilates video tonight…
Thurs. 11-11 – 10117 steps (60′ = 4 LS miles, 1 w. 2 lb. weights, 1 w. stretchy); ST dumbbell shoulder press 8×8; dumbbell lateral raise 8×8; wall pushups 6×12
Fri. 11-12 – 8585 steps (55′ = 4 LS mile super challenge) ST Leslie lunges 4×10; Leslie squats 3×10; lying abduction 4×8; bicycle crunches 1×8; grand pliés 6×10; calf raises 6×10
Sat. 11-13 – 10745 steps (51′ = 2.83 mi. outdoors) ST cat/camel stretches 3×16; 12-min Pilates abs video; ab curls 2×8; lying straight leg raises 2×8
Sun. 11-14 – 4711 steps – rest from cardio

Nov. 15-21
Mon. 11-15 – 9948 steps (62′ = 4 LS miles, 1 w. 2 lb. weights, 1 w. stretchy band) ST cat/camel stretches 2×16; dumbbell lateral raises 4×8
Tues. 11-16 – 8206 steps (38′ = 3 mi. LS with boost at end of each); Leslie lunges 4×8; Leslie squats 4×8; grand pliés 5×10; thighmaster 4×12; lying double leg raises 3×6
Wed. 11-17 – 8137 steps (30′ = 2.5 mi. LS walk/jog; 10′ Bollywood dancing video); 12-min. Pilates abs video
Thurs. 11-18 – 6609 steps (zero cardio)
Fri. 11-19 – 12715 steps (67′ = LS 5 mile challenge)
Sat. 11-20 – 6071 steps (zero cardio) – concert, busy all day, hosted choir gathering that evening
Sun. 11-21 – 12274 steps (53′ = 3 outdoors miles, 1.5 w. 10 lb. vest)

Nov. 22-25
Mon. 11-22 – 9564 steps (47′ = 3 LS miles, 1 w. 2 lb. weights, 1 w. stretchy band)
Tues. 11-23 – 17125 steps (84′ = 54′ 3 mi. outdoors w. 10 lb. vest; 30′ LS walk/jog)
Wed. 11-24 – 17401 steps (113′ = 43′ LS flat belly miles; 25′ outdoors w. vest; 45′ gardening); ST 4×10 bicycle crunches
Thurs. 11-25 (Thanksgiving Day) – 5434 steps (15′ LS mile w. 2 lb. hand weights)

As you can see I anticipated the Thanksgiving Day feed by ramping up my cardio the 2 days before.  It worked!  But I wouldn’t have done that had I not totally pigged out at the choir party and gained back to 142 lbs.  I was horrified at myself because by the end of this pigout, I was eating things I didn’t even WANT.  Just because they were there!

However, by Thursday I was back to 139, and this AM I was 139.5, which is really not bad at all.  Heading down again now, if my current resolution holds!

It is nice to be able to wear size SMALL in Lands End sport knit pants!  and size 8 in some Eddie Bauer cargo pants!  I am determined to stay here and get down to 135 by the end of the year if I possibly can.  We shall see!

And now, a little something for Claude….

Sam and “the bird!” a 32-pounder!

It was a lovely turkey!  And I have bags of it in my freezer now!  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  Hang in there and keep moving that body, in whatever way you choose!



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7 responses to “Sara – made it through Thanksgiving Day – and I’m thankful!

  1. Sara

    Commenting just to see if the glitch is fixed…

  2. lilalia

    Wonderful post. Even though you have so much work, it also looks at though you doggedly move forward on diversifying your exercies routine. I don’t know what lying adduction or side planks are, but they do sound very serious work! It was nice to read about all your activities.

  3. Now, I really resent this turkey photo! You should be ashamed of yourself, gloating like this! LOL
    It did look good, didn’t it? I bet you’re still eating those lovely turkey sandwiches, which are really my favourite!
    Fantastic exercising! And yes, every week would be great 😉 Takes less time at a time, too (I should know)

  4. Nancy

    Your exercising is going incredibly well! I find it interesting how tiring the 10 pound vest is to wear while walking. It would be good idea to get one of these vests to wear every once in a while to remind myself how draining an extra 10 pounds can be.

  5. It seems we haven’t seen much of you since the end of November. I know you’ve been very busy, but it would be nice if you could peek in before the end of the year… LOL

    • Sara

      DONE! I’ve been meaning to…getting sick truly blew my routine to shreds…but so glad to be better now! And seeing the light at the end… xoxo Sara

  6. Sara

    I’m peeking…and I promise to post tonight…you will find it in the AM! Sorry…and hugs back! 😉

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