Lia – Soft launch

My heavens, we all seem to be having our “issues” with our bodies and schedules and making sure we get regular exercise. I want to thank Claude for keeping us on track and not taking us to task for our unreliable blogging.

I’d like to tentatively write about a new soft launch that I have partaken on the last two weeks. I am back to walking regularly, but I can not say how long or how many steps. I am trying to give myself the luxury of going for a walk without the feeling, “Now I can check that off my list”.

I just would like a few weeks time to build up my enthusiasm and resilience, before I coem back with a daily tally. Is that all right?

The other positive step I have taken is to start (softly) with lifting weights at Kieser Training center.  This sort of weight training in centered more on health and preventative measures and less on fitness. I’ve been thinking about it for the last few years, but it took the recent neck injury to make me realise, “No time like now!”.

So, in summary, I’ve been doing 4-5 days of walking a week for the last three weeks and 2-3 times of lifting weights for 30 minutes. Think that I will try and see if I can stick to this schedule for the nexts weeks as well.

Thank you all for leaving your wonderful comments. I promise to go back and comment on your posts as well.



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4 responses to “Lia – Soft launch

  1. Sara

    Hi, Lia, good to hear from you! I can relate to your wanting to just take a walk without logging or feeling that you must. But I can’t indulge myself in that just yet – still have 5 lbs. to go to my goal – and I’m beginning to REALLY want to get there! Then…perhaps!
    Great that you’re finding a method of weight-lifting that can work for you!
    I must admit I haven’t done well with that lately – much better record in cardio.
    Hang in there and keep at it. Must be VERY difficult with the neck problem!
    🙂 Sara

  2. lilalia

    Sara, you and I are on the same book when it comes ot prefering cardio over weights. Cardio is afterall so much more satisfying. But, neck injuries and prevention of osteroperousis (sorry, sp) means taking weights lifiting more seriously.

  3. Good to have you back! Sorry to hear that recording your walking for ElderExercise is one of those things you want to get off your list.
    To me it’s just the opposite, it keeps me going. But I understand that to a lot of people, having to be accountable for what they do is not really pleasant 😉
    Good that you are going to that weight lifting centre, let us know more about this.

  4. Nancy

    I can see why you just want to go for a walk without recording all the details. Keeping a record changes the walk — at least for me. It could be very useful to get in the habit of walking for enjoyment before you record your activities.
    I find recording what I do, at least minimally, helps to motivate me until I reach the point that my body misses the exercise if I skip a day. Different people need different types of motivation.

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