Lynn–difficult couple of weeks

I’m afraid I don’t have much to post about exercise. Work has been really busy but even more stressful has been dealing with a very sick kitty, my old guy Indigo, who was approaching 18. He’s been sort of gradually fading away and about 2 weeks ago began looking ill. After a couple of visits to the vet and some simple remedies and some long phone conversations with the vet, I decided to have Indigo euthanized, which happened on Friday.

Plus, my sister is coming for a nice long visit, arriving in a couple of weeks, and I’m busily trying to get my house spruced up–nothing like imagining what it looks like through someone else’s eyes to get me cleaning and rearranging.

So, with all that going on, regular exercise nosedived. I have taken some walks and the house spruce up has of course been active but…

How is everyone else doing? Seems like we all might be preoccupied right now.



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4 responses to “Lynn–difficult couple of weeks

  1. It seems that we’ve all been going through cleaning up and tidying up lately… 😉
    Sorry to hear about your kitty, my daughter and I cried when we had to have our Pacha (who was named that, because it was a pun in French, Pas-Chat, not a cat 😉 because he followed us everywhere like a dog.) Her present cat is getting old but still healthy.
    I’ve seen the doctor with my MRI and I will tell about it in the coming post 😉

  2. lilalia

    So sorry to hear about your dear companion. Even with 18 years or perhaps because of 18 years, it is hard to have a cat die. Hope you feel happier soon.

  3. Sara

    Oh, sorry to hear about your kitty! Hugs. Good decision though to save him the pain of a long decline. Wish I had done that with my dear old Francis who reached the age of 17.
    I’ve had a lot of house cleaning too. Feels good to have it done but it certainly is time-consuming. I’ve done the downstairs but the upstairs is still a mess and I find it depressing with the holidays upon me!
    Things always get busy around this time and our routines are exploded…

  4. Nancy

    I’m so sorry about your kitty. We made a similar decisions when our Liza began to fail. It is the correct thing to do but, at the same time, very difficult. While housecleaning and moving furniture are not as enjoyable as a walk, they do burn calories and can be aerobic.
    Hope you sister’s visit is enjoyable!

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