Claude – chilly and rainy week

I went for the MRI last Friday and haven’t had a full report yet. I will have to pick it up this coming Wednesday, but the doctor said that my meniscus has a small tear and that there’s some sort of thing that swims around, from what I understood. He said that there are two ways of handling it, the first way being to do nothing and hope it’ll fix itself, and the second to go through arthroscopic surgery.
I will have to see the specialist who prescribed the MRI to see what she says, and that’s next week Wednesday.
I honestly don’t know how long one would have to wait until anything fixes itself. It’s already been almost three months… But we’ll see what happens next week.
Meanwhile, I go on taking painkillers and exercising.
I’ve taken to walking at home, sans Leslie Sansone, since the weather is pretty awful and it keeps me from trying to walk too fast and hurt my knee. I’d say it’s better than nothing!

Here’s my week from November 1st to November 7th 2010
Monday: 20mn flexibility, 4×15 wall pushups, 6×15 single leg raises, 4×15 chair squats, Standing biceps stretch, Lying double knee hug, 13mn warming up, 32mn elliptical, 8mn stretching, 10000 steps, 20mnPT
Tuesday: 20mn flexibility, 20mn PT, 4×8 lying abduction, 3×15 lying hamstring curls, 4×8 bridges, seated butterfly stretch, 8mn warming up, 31mn cardio on elliptical, 8 mn stretching, 12000 steps

Taken last Monday at Cimetière Montmartre in Paris

Wednesday: 20mn flexibility, 20 mn PT, 60mn Feldenkrais, 5×15 crunches, 5×15 reverse crunches, 5×15 ball squished with knees, 1mn30 with two feet on balance board, 14mn warming up, 30mn cardio on elliptical, 8mn stretching, 10000steps
Thursday: 20mn flexibility, 4×15 wall pushups, 6×15 single leg raises, 4×15 chair squats, Standing biceps stretch, Lying double knee hug, 8mn warming up, 31mn elliptical, 8mn stretching, 14560 steps, 20mnPT
Friday: 20mn flexibility, gym class, 22mn brisk walking (was late…) 20mn PT, 10000steps
Saturday: 20mn flexibility, 30mn PT, 15mn warming up, 30mn elliptical, 10mn brisk walk, 13000 steps
Sunday: 20mn flexibility, 20mn PT, 11mn warming up, 29mn cardio on elliptical, 6×8 lying abduction, 4×8 lying leg curls, 4×8 bridges, seated butterfly stretch



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4 responses to “Claude – chilly and rainy week

  1. Sara

    You are hanging right in there and doing your part to help the knee! What more could anyone do? I’m eagerly awaiting the added info…whether the arthroscopic surgery would be worth going through. And what your recuperation time would be if you choose to do that! Bon courage!
    LOVELY leaf.
    I haven’t taken enough photos this autumn. Work and exercise and garden have gotten in the way. But yours is beautiful to see.

  2. lynnbechtel

    Claude–This continues to look like a good exercise week in spite of your continuing knee pain.

    I’ll be interested to hear what your specialist has to say.

  3. lilalia

    You are amazing. Let us know what the doctor says. Do hope you can somehow manage to be mobile again without the pain.

  4. lynnbechtel

    Hi Claude–Just wondering how you are doing and whether you’ve gotten the results of the MRI yet. Hope everything is OK.

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