Nancy – excuses, excuses

My exercise efforts since I last posted have been pathetic. It is true that I was sitting on a train for two days (I walked the length of the train – 100 steps per car – several times to at least get some movement in and I paced the train station between trains). If I had driven or taken a plane I would have been even more sedentary. My other excuse is that I was sick one day after returning from the trip and Sam has been under the weather (nasty flu/cold) and my routine walking home from work was disrupted.  I’m being whiney.

I have started two new routines. Instead of walking up the stairs to my office sometime during the day, I start the day by walking up the stairs. This way it is more likely that I’ll walk the stairs at least twice a day.  Yesterday it was 3 times!  My second change is a funny one. For years I have mentally calculated the shortest distance between where I am and where I want to go and then followed that route. I’ve decided that I will now go a longer route than the shortest one. I may only mean an extra minute of walking every time I go some place (or less if the distance is very short, e.g., from my office to the main Department office) but it should add up.

This is going to sound odd but I’m finding that it is getting hard for me to sit for any length of time. Several years ago I fell off a ladder (about 12 feet) and landed on my butt. This would have been bad enough by itself but I had a metal tape measure (about 2.5″X 2.5″X 1″ or 6.25 X 6.25 X 2.5 cm) clipped to my back pocket of my jeans. The bruises were spectacular and deep.  Now if I sit too long (I’ve stood up twice since I started typing) the pain becomes pretty intense.  While I probably should ask my physician about it the next time I see her, it is getting me to move.

Now for my poor record:

Sunday 16-October: walking (non-aerobic) 1.5 miles – 30 minutes

Monday and Tuesday: nothing (train walking on Monday out of desperation)

Wed – Friday: stairs 5 flights on Wed and Thursday and 10 flights on Friday

Sunday 24-October: StairMaster 30 minutes (aerobic)

Monday 25-October: stairs 15 flights

Tuesday 26-October: stairs 15 flights; walking (aerobic) 40 minutes



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6 responses to “Nancy – excuses, excuses

  1. Nancy

    My gosh my spelling is bad!

  2. lynnbechtel

    Nancy–the stair climbing is a great way to build exercise in to a busy day and I love the idea of calculating the longest rather than the shortest route.

    I just read an article in the NYTimes that says sitting at a desk all day is bad for us (as if we didn’t know that) and recommends doing exactly what you’re doing–finding small ways throughout the day to get our bodies moving.

    I wonder if the stair climbing could be stressing a muscle in your backside. If I do a lot of hill climbing, my piriformis muscle can act up (a muscle deep in the butt that stabilizes the pelvis when we walk) and it then bothers me when I sit–and walk. Stretching is the key to treating it.

  3. lynnbechtel

    Oops! the article was on not the NYT.

    • Lynn, why don’t you post the link to the article, it could be useful to all of us 🙂
      Nancy, we all are entitled to whine a little but also to brag a little, when we are pleased with ourselves.
      Like Lynn, I like the way you are changing your routines.
      I will post this on my blog today, as I found it helpful
      Here it is

      Also, Nancy, you know that you can always edit your typos, I do it with mine all the time and notice months later, stuff that I have forgotten LOL

  4. Sara

    Good deal, Nancy! At least you managed to post. I have been pathetic about that!
    Stairs are excellent. I hope they’re not the culprits in the case of “painful sitting.” We just have to get creative when time gets short. Doing a bit of this and a bit of that does add up so keep improvising!

  5. I’m looking forward to hear from you anew, now that Thankgsgiving is over with. Don’t wait till Christmas LOL 😉
    No apologies are needed, just start again! See you soon on ElderExercise

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