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Lynn–exercise? when?

Oh, my–another busy week flew by. I’m looking forward to things being quieter this coming week. I had the last visit with the physical therapist last Tuesday and now I’ll need to look to you all to help me stay accountable for continuing the exercises 🙂 They have helped but it’s oh so easy to put off doing them when I don’t have to report in to someone. Part of the problem with exercise is that I overdid it w/ one of the hip strengthening exercises and irritated a muscle in my back, that then begins to hurt and spasm up when I walk more than 10 minutes.

I exercised several days during the week, spent Saturday doing intensive housework, and Sunday was a slug. Here are the details:

Monday, 10/18–chorus after work–no exercise

Tuesday, 10/19–walk 30 minutes, partial PT (some back pain so I stuck to front & side leg raises)

Wednesday, 10/20–work, dinner out, writing group, no exercise

Thursday, 10/21–walk 25 minutes, full pt routine

Friday, 10/22–only walked 10 minutes–cold and raw and my back was a bit achy–however I did stairs more at work and went for a short walk at lunch

Saturday, 10/23–lots of housework, felt like I’d had a good workout by the end of the day but nothing aerobic

Sunday, 10/24–nothing



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Claude – waiting for her MRI

I’m looking forward to the time when the word knee won’t appear in my posts, but it’s not likely to happen soon. My MRI is scheduled this coming Friday, and I’m hoping they’ll spot what’s wrong. The following Wednesday, I have an appointment with the doctor who prescribed the MRI and hope that she’ll have useful suggestions. Physical therapy hasn’t helped as far as pain is concerned, and I must say that my other leg is feeling the strain too.
Well, meanwhile, I have added to my strength exercise, and hope it’s doing me good.

Here’s my week from Monday, October 18 to Sunday, October 24th 2010
Monday: 20mn flexibility, 6×15 single leg raises, 5×15 standing up from chair, 4×5 wall pushups, 8mn warming up, 35mn cardio on elliptical
Tuesday: 20mn flexibility, 30mn physical therapy, 10mn warming up, 35mn cardio on elliptical, 6mn stretching, 3×15 lying abduction, 3×15 bridges, 3×15 lying leg curls, seated butterfly stretch
Wednesday: 20mn flexibility, 5×15 crunches, 5×15 reverse crunches, 5×15 ball squishes between knees, 13mn warming up on elliptical, 30mn cardio on elliptical, 6mn stretching, one hour Feldenkrais class, 13200 steps
Thursday: 20mn flexibility, Abs with stability ball (not very efficient in my opinion), 5×60 arms reinforcement, 4×15 standing up from chair – my opinion), 5×60 arms reinforcement
Friday: one-hour gym class, 11mn warming up on Elliptical, 31mn cardio on elliptical, 3x15close arms wall pushups, 3×15 standing up from chair, 20mn physical therapy, 10300 steps
Saturday: 20mn flexibility, 4×8 lying leg curls, 4×15 lying glute contraction, 4×8 bridge-ups, 12mn warming up, 31mn elliptical, 6mn stretching, 10500steps
Sunday: 20mn flexibility, 5×15 crunches, 5×15 reverse crunches, 5×15 lying ball squishing, 20mn PT, 10000 steps


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