Sara – new equipment – loving the structure!

Well!  Who would have thought it?  I am turning into a structure freak.  I love this alternation of strength training areas.  It is so much easier to do it if you are targeting one thing at a time.  Sure, Leslie’s DVDs work everything really, but I think I am getting much better results this way.  Also I don’t have to think about what to do each day, I just know, and do it.  HA!

One thing I didn’t mention in the last post – my new froggy shoes!

Vibram Five Fingers shoes! Hobbit-y!

My feet are crossed at the ankles so it looks like I am deformed…but not really!  These keep my toes nice and separated, plus they have a grippy bottom, which is great for doing aerobics on carpet.  They are meant for running with the non-heel strike approach, as well as ordinary uses – back to nature and all that, barefoot without the danger of splinters and glass.  I haven’t used mine outdoors yet but I do love them inside.   I’ve been enjoying toe socks for quite some time, so my feet were ready for these.  Hopefully, there will be no more blisters between my toes from bad toe alignment…

I am getting better at the Pilates abs video that I’ve been doing.  Hm, would you like to see it?  Oh bleah, I am trying to do this embedding thing – am not sure I’ve done it right but here goes anyway…

Oct. 8 – 15, 2010
Fri. 10-8 – 8726 steps (5170 cardio = 42′ = 3 LS/1 legs focus); lying leg abduction 2×16; lying leg adduction 2×8; double leg raises 2×8; grand pliés 5×10
Sat. 10-9 – 11473 steps (6506 cardio = 47′ outdoors walk/run); 12′ Pilates abs video
Sun. 10-10 – 4710 steps (0 cardio)
Mon. 10-11 – 7748 steps (3914 cardio = 40′ = 3 LS/arms, weights); also 45 dig/garden; 5×14 wall pushups
Tues. 10-12 – 10369 steps (4772 cardio = 40′ = 3 LS/1 legs focus); 5×12 lying abduction; 2×10 lying adduction; 2×8 double leg raises; 4×10 grand pliés
Wed. 10-13 – 11484 steps (6440 cardio = 61′ outdoors); 50′ gardening, some digging; 12′ Pilates abs video; 2×5 lying straight leg raises
Thurs. 10-14 – 6674 steps (3812 cardio = 28′ = 2 LS/1 arms focus – used 2 lb. weights for approx. 1/2 of this time)
Fri. 10-15 – 9327 steps (2811 cardio = 2 LS/1 legs focus – squats, lunges x. register as cardio); 1 hr. 30′ of contradancing
Sat. 10-16 – 9585 steps (47′ cardio outside = 3 miles, 1.5 with 10 lb. weighted vest); 12′ Pilates abs video
Sun. 10-17 – 4860 steps (0 aerobic); but 15′ digging, 60′ gardening.  And this was my “rest” day – but gardens wait for no woman…

The real test of all this came this weekend when at last the earth was dry enough to dig.  However, I had decided that I just had to try wearing my new weighted vest for a 1.5 mile walk.  So I did.  Whoof.  Legs and abs and back all said, “hello, Sara!”  And THEN on Sunday I had to dig!  No way around it.  So I did.  I managed to do quite a bit in 1.5 hours; rested;  then made it to mass and played piano without collapsing.  Today I expected to be pretty tired, but actually I’m up early and ready to roll again, since the digging is not quite done.

10 lb. weighted vest!

The calorie burn with this vest is not much more than without it – but I can feel that wearing it is doing good things for my muscles, so I’m looking forward to using it.  I think it’s going to be an abs day thing…since I can really feel the abs kick in to protect my back as it bears the weight.

I have a funny feeling that I’m becoming a Certified Fitness Gadget Nut…

But then I have always been Nutty about one thing or another…

So here’s to nutty fitness and funny froggy shoes!   🙂   Have a great week, all!



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5 responses to “Sara – new equipment – loving the structure!

  1. Sara

    It worked! The video thing worked! Wahoo! 🙂

    • I was going to say! Your first video on wordpress. You are a certified gadget girl! LOL
      But you are not becoming one, you’ve always had it in you!
      Now you’re not going to convince me with either the vest or the … shoes? are they shoes?
      I have trouble enough carrying my 73 kilos already.
      You’ve had an amazing week though and all that while you are working? Wow! What a woman!

  2. lynnbechtel

    Wow! I agree with Claude–what a week you’ve had. The new structure sure does seem to be working for you.

    A friend of mine has some of those toe shoes and loves them.

    The weighted vest has the additional benefit of possibly increasing hip bone density.

  3. Sara

    @lynn – Isn’t that interesting about the hip bone density! That is the only place I have had bone loss issues – my left hip – my mother had the same issue. I don’t have it any more, am taking alendronate sulfate now, but good to know that this can help!
    @claude – I know better than to try to convince you! Chacun a son goût! 😉 Et merci pour les mots gentils!

  4. Nancy

    I love you new shoes! How do they work if you need arch support? As one gadget nut to another, I like your vest. I could see the vest being very useful to increase the abs workout – after you are fit enough to get through the video without stressing yourself.
    Your dedication is inspiring. How do you manage it with work and everything else?

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