Claude – knee fighting back

I can’t say that my knee is getting better. In fact, the only moments when it doesn’t hurt is on the elliptical machine. I can’t walk fast as it is really painful, and slowly is also painful although different. Moan, whine, whimper and the likes 😦
I am really grateful for painkillers and am starting to understand Dr House LOL No, not really. I only take one in the morning, where I used to take 6 a day but I really can’t function if I don’t take it. Both the doctor and the physiotherapist have mentioned arthroscopy as something wrong with the meniscus is suspected. I think they’re trying to get me used to the idea Yuk!
Only the MRI will tell, and that is still a couple of weeks away.
Meanwhile, I do try to reinforce my thigh muscles, whatever you call them. It’ll always be handy, if I have to go through the darn thing.

Have a look at his knees. Just what I couldn’t possibly do these days

Taken last year in Udaipur, India
Week from Monday October 11 to Sunday October 17, 2010
Monday: 20mn flexibility, 13mn warming up, 35mn cardio on elliptical, 3×15 standing up from chair, 6×15 lying single leg raises, 4×15 crunches, 15mn physical therapy, 10200 steps
Tuesday: 20mn flexibility, 11mn warming up, 36mn cardio on elliptical, 3×15 standing up from chair, 5x20reps arms reinforcement, 20mn physical therapy, 11500 steps
Wednesday: 20mn flexibility, 4×15 standing up from chair, 4×15 wall pushups, 30mn physical therapy, 14mn warming up elliptical, 26mn cardio on elliptical, 11600 steps, 5mn stretching
Thursday: 20mn flexibility, 4×15 reps sitting up from chair, 5×15 reps squishing ball with knees, 20mn physical therapy, 10mn warming up ellipticals, 30mn cardio elliptical, 10500 steps
Friday: 20mn flexibility, 5×15 squishing ball with legs, 4×15 lying raising legs, 4×15 standing up from chair, 10mn warming up elliptical, 30mn cardio elliptical, 20mn physical therapy, 15200 steps
Saturday: 20mn flexibility, 5×15 squishing ball with legs, 6×15 lying raising legs, 5×15 standing up from chair, 5×15 wall pushups, 5×15 crunches, 4×15 reverse crunch, 13mn cardio warmup, 30mn cardio on elliptical, 12300 steps
Sunday: 20mn flexibility, 20mn physical therapy, 10,200 steps



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9 responses to “Claude – knee fighting back

  1. Sara

    This knee is NOT going to beat you! Looks like a great record to me. Squishy ball sounds more fun than thighmaster.
    Gradual strengthening is bound to have its effect – and it’s really good that you’re down to just one painkiller! Hang in there…hugs…

  2. lynnbechtel

    Claude–Too bad about your knee! A frayed meniscus is part of my problem as well and I was given a choice between physical therapy and re-evaluate or start with surgery–I chose to postpone (hopefully for a long time) the surgery. I’ll give info on my PT routine in my own post but it has been helping. How is your range of motion? That was the big concern of the doctor I saw–that I couldn’t go through a full range of motion.

    As Sara says, in spite of the painful knee you’ve managed to keep up with aerobic workouts, thanks to the elliptical–not as much fun as an outdoor walk but it’s a good workout.

    • The problem is mainly that I cannot fully extend my leg. We’re not sure that it is the meniscus yet, only the MRI will tell, but two different people who don’t know one another starting to explain what arthroscopy was just makes me think

    • One of the things I worry about is that I have to climb 12 steps to get to my elevator, and if I get surgery, I can’t imagine myself doing that with crutches for a while 😦

  3. lynnbechtel

    Claude–I, too, had a hard time with knee extension with my right knee. The physio had me doing a passive stretch that seemed to help. Several times a day, I’d sit or lie with my legs straight out in front of me and put the heel of my right foot on a folded towel or blanket or small pillow and then let gravity pull my knee down into extension–didn’t try to force anything–eventually, the knee straightened out.

    Also, a couple of friends have had the arthroscopic surgery for torn meniscus and even though they were on crutches, they were able to bear weight on the affected leg, which made stairs easier.

    • The passive stuff was recommended to me too and although it does work to a certain extent, it’s still difficult for me to extend the leg fully, particularly when walking. Good to know about your friends who had arthroscopic surgery… And thanks for describing all the other stuff that I am putting into effect 🙂

  4. lilalia

    Claude, I am so sorry to hear about your persisting knee troubles. It is a good thing you are working under doctor’s consult. Sending you healing thoughts. Great amount of exercise. Do the steps come from walking outdoors or from your elliptical device?

  5. Nancy

    Wow, you are walking a lot (10,000+ steps) even though your knew continues to hurt. It is good that you can use the elliptical without pain. Surgery is never fun but what they can do arthroscopically is amazing. The recovery time is so much less than before; the folks that recover best are those like yourself who are determined to get moving.

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