Nancy – Walking up stairs

I may try Sara’s tactic of greater structure to deal with my busy weeks. It was nice during the summer to decide each day what I would do but with so many competing demands it is too easy to forget setting aside the time to exercise.  About the only thing I managed to do consistently is walking up and down the stairs. The only stairs that I’m recording are the ones I walk in my building but I also walk up the stairs in the parking deck (2 flights) any day that I don’t walk home. Last week started my longer walks (3 miles rather than 2.5) home because it is to dark to walk the bike path now that the sun has gone down by the time I leave work. Here’s my efforts this last week.

Wednesday (6-Oct): Aerobic walking 3 miles (50 minutes); 5 flights

Thursday (7-Oct): 5 flights of stairs (very busy day)

Friday (8-Oct): 5 flights of stairs (social event immediately after work)

Saturday (9-Oct): 1.5 miles (25 minutes); This walk is part of my new resolution to walk rather than drive when ever possible. A group of us got together to hold signs for the political candidates we support at a busy intersection as people were coming into town for the Penn State football game.  My gosh this was interesting to watch.  I’ve lived in State College for 12 years and have never been to one of the football games. I did watch one on television. I couldn’t believe all the traffic and how willing people are to crawl along in order to watch a football game.  Can you tell I’m not a fan of football?

Sunday (10-Oct): Beautiful day but a lazy one

Monday (11-Oct): 5 flights of stairs

Tuesday (12-Oct): 5 flights of stairs

Wednesday (13-Oct): aerobic walking 3 miles (50 minutes); 5 flights of stairs

Thursday (14-Oct): aerobic walking 3 miles (50 minutes); 5 flights of stairs: over 12000 steps!

This week may not be good for exercise as I’m taking the train (7 1/2 hours) on Saturday to Rhode Island to talk to beekeepers on Sunday and then I’ll take the train home on Monday.  I’m planning on using my suitcase with wheels so I can walk at the train station in New York while waiting for my connecting train.



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3 responses to “Nancy – Walking up stairs

  1. That’s a lot of stairs 🙂
    12000 steps is good! Keep it up

  2. Sara

    Hang in, Nancy! That stair record looks terrific. I’ve been thinking that maybe I should get a stair stepper for the winter – they don’t take up much space.
    Those 3-mile walks are a terrific idea! I hope you can keep it up as the colder weather sets in.
    Safe travel!

  3. lynnbechtel

    Nancy–Structure does help when life gets busy–the trick is coming up with a structure that fits the busyness 🙂 Let us know what you devise.

    Great stair climbing–and it does provide quite a workout. And good idea to take the wheelie bag on your trip so you can pace in the train station.

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