Claude – back to more serious cardio

We had a fantastic warm week in Paris, which makes it easy to get out and walk some, even if it’s not fast walking at all.
I am pretty pleased that I have been going back to the elliptical, slowly working up to 30mn cardio, and being careful with warming up. I force myself to record everything I do, this way, I have to remember the warming up and stretching parts, which I never used to bother with.

Here’s my week, from Monday October 4th to Sunday October 10th
Monday: 15mn flexibility, 15mn warming up, 18mn cardio on elliptical, 3mn stretching, 15 physical therapy movements, 11000 steps
Tuesday: 15mn flexibility, 6 x 15 single leg raises, 3 x15 wall pushups, 3mn stretching, 17mn warming up, 15mn cardio, 30mn physical therapy
Wednesday: 15mn flexibility, one-hour gym class, 6×15 single leg raises, 17mn warm up, 20mn cardio
Thursday: 15mn flexibility, 3×15 thighmaster, 6×15 single leg raises, 5mn stretching, 10mn warming up, 31mn cardio on elliptical
Friday: 20mn flexibility, 6×15 lying single leg raise, 5×15 thighmaster, 1×15 standing up from chair, 10mn warming up, 31mn cardio, elliptical, 15800 steps
Saturday: 20mn flexibility, 6×15 lying single leg raises, one-hour Feldenkrais class, 5×15 medicine ball squishing between legs, 1×15 standing up from chair, 13mn warming up on elliptical, 31mn elliptical, 5mn stretching, 20 mn physical therapy,12000 steps
Sunday: 20 mn flexibility, 10mn warming up, 30mn cardio walk, 6×15 squishing medicine ball with knees, 3×15 standing up from chair, 20mn physical therapy, 10,500 steps

Have to say that yesterday’s cardio walk didn’t agree with my knee and that I will have to be reasonable and stick to the elliptical, which doesn’t hurt at all, probably because somehow, my whole weight isn’t on my legs.



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6 responses to “Claude – back to more serious cardio

  1. Sara

    Woo hoo! Weather is better here too. It certainly helps one’s attitude!
    Do you like the medicine ball squishing or the thighmaster thingie better?
    A medicine ball is smaller than a stability/Swiss ball, am I right?
    I get all balled up in these different names for the balls…
    Oh balls! 😉

  2. lynnbechtel

    Claude–It’s great that the elliptical time is increasing without pain. And yes, good weather does make a difference.

    This looks like a varied and intense exercise week–lots of stretching and strength building work.

    You mention a gym class. What are you doing there?

  3. @Sara, I like both, but manage different stuff with the ball. And yes, it’s much small than a stability ball and more squishable 😉
    And it doesn’t hurt the tender parts of my thighs LOL
    At the gym class, basically, strength exercise, flexibility and stretching, no aerobic at all. But it suits me because I can ask for corrections of the strength exercise. That’s where they suggested the medicine ball as an alternative to the thighmaster.

  4. lilalia

    Good week. That makes a lot of sense about the elliptical. Are you still doing your Feldenkreis courses?

  5. Nancy

    The elliptical is lower impact than walking. The machine is smoothing your movements so the force of your step is not being absorbed by your knees. I a similar difference when I use my stairmaster. I can walk many more ‘flights’ of stairs on the stairmaster than I can when I walk real steps. The force of my step is not absorbed by my knees.

    Your workout was wonderfully varied. It probably helps to vary what you are doing to not get bored and to not cause injuries that can result from too much repetition.

    As Sara said, our weather was great for a few days last week too. Sunday it was so warm it felt like mid-summer; we ate breakfast on our deck. I don’t think we have ever used the deck so late in the year.

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