Sara – Newly Structured: is the world ready? Am I ready?

Hello.  My apologies.  Working on new laptop.  Last post’s record was on old desktop.  Too lazy to move it.  NOT too lazy to buy new wireless printer this Wed. and install it however!  Woo hoo, things are going to work SO much better.  It will make my new structure easier to maintain.

It’s been rainy and yucky.  Here’s one of the more pleasant photos…



back patio with wet leaves


Those round things are the stepping stones that used to be in the garden.  I need fewer of them now that I have less garden, but haven’t finished digging, so haven’t rearranged them or hauled the leftovers away.  Need any stepping stones, Nancy?

I have been plateau-ed in terms of weight loss for a month now.  GRRRR!  So I realized I had to change something.  I don’t want to eat less so I have to exercise more, and it can’t all be walking/running because the weather’s getting bad – and although I love Leslie DVDs, I need some more intense strength training as well.  So I decided to STRUCTURE my week’s workouts.  AGH.  But it seems to be working.  Today I was 140 lbs. and I’ve been inching down to that all week.  We’ll see how sustainable this routine is.

I’ll rotate focus areas, hitting arms 2x a week, legs 2x a week, abs 2x a week, with rest on Sunday.  I’ll aim for 3 miles a day, whether indoors or out – and I won’t be disappointed in myself if I am too tired to do more than 2.  I’ll try not to be overenthusiastic and wear myself out when my energy level is high, because then I pay for it – see below!

Sept. 26 – Oct. 7, 2010

Sun. 9-26 – 8419 steps (26′ cardio = 1.5 outdoor walking)
Mon. 9-27 – 6148 steps (21′ cardio indoor walking); knee lifts 6×16, thighmaster 6×10
Tues. 9-28 – 10786 steps (25′ cardio = 1.5 outdoor walking); 30′ gardening; 10′ mini-trampoline; knee lifts 2×16; thighmaster 10×10
Wed. 9-29 – 3697 steps (0 cardio)
Thurs. 9-30 – 8741 steps (3 LS miles, 1 w. weights, 1 w. belt); cardioglide 10×10
Fri. 10-1 – 12018 steps (8775 cardio = 68’= 5 LS miles, belt, stretchy band, weights); wall pushups 4×16.  This workout felt good, but it worked everything!  Not too great, if I want to rotate areas.  So the rotation began on Saturday, with the dreaded abs…

Sat. 10-2 – 10903 steps (5542 cardio = 50’= 2 outdoor miles + 1 LS mi); 12′ Pilates abs video; ab curls, knee lifts, cat/camel stretch.  What can I say, I survived the Pilates video!
Sun. 10-3 – 4218 steps – rest
Mon. 10-4 – 7414 steps (4632 cardio = 39’= 3 LS miles/1 arms focus); wall pushups 4×10, shoulder presses 4×10, lateral raises 3×10, triceps kickbacks 2×10 – these last 3 exercises with 5 lb. weights.
Tues. 10-5 – 10672 steps (4371 cardio = 40’= 3 LS/1 legs focus); grand plies 6×12; thighmaster 10×10; lying leg abduction 3×10; lying leg adduction 3×10; double leg raises 2×6; wall squats 2×10
Wed. 10-6 – 8287 steps (4164 cardio = 35’= 2 LS/1 abs focus); 12 ‘ Pilates abs video.  The video was easier this time, thank God!
Thurs. 10-7 – 8195 steps (4282 cardio = 30’= 2 LS/1 arms focus); wall pushups 5×10; shoulder presses 5×12; lateral raises 5×8 – again with 5 lb. weights

So far, this is working well, except I did much too much on Tuesday and the tiredness hit me yesterday.   Usually, I would still be tired today – but I’m not!  There must be something good about this structure thing.  I hope I can sustain it!



some new begonias, looking out to my wet street




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5 responses to “Sara – Newly Structured: is the world ready? Am I ready?

  1. lilalia

    Interesting to read how you are structuring your exercise. Autumn is here, so maybe we all should think of doing this!

    I’m moving my computer into my son’s room, who has just gone away to university. Now maybe I can watch youtube exercise videos and follow along as is not possible in our crowded living room/dining room/ work area.

    • Having a place where you can exercise in the house is wonderful Lia. I realize how lucky I am in that respect.
      Sara, this is really impressive. Maybe I should try to reorganize too. Not that I diet at all, as I told you, dieting sends me into food binges, so I’d rather not think about it, but I have trouble sticking to organized… anything!
      The only thing I do consistently is the cardio on the elliptical, and lately the knee stuff.
      Let’s see how this works for you

  2. Sara

    Oh, thanks, you fixed the colon!
    Structuring my exercise may wear out my structure energy and leave the rest of my life in an unstructured puddle, but we shall see! 😉

  3. lynnbechtel

    Sara–This is impressive and it certainly makes sense to divide up the strength work. How is your work schedule? Does this fit better with that schedule?

    And Lia is right–it’s time to start thinking about how we’ll keep up the exercise in the winter months–I just had that nasty awareness that late afternoon light is fading and we’re only a few weeks away from leaving daylight savings behind. Oh, my.

  4. Nancy

    The stepping stones could be useful. It’s not like I don’t have lots of potential locations in my yard.

    Structure can be useful. Your workout is varied so the structure shouldn’t be boring. I’ve been trying to build some structure into my routine too. I’ve been walking home from work at least 2 days a week – Wednesday and Friday.

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