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Nancy — Still working up to everyday

I missed a few days this last week and haven’t been out in my garden : (      Stair climbing is working fine. Today starts the attempt to occasionally include a second set of 5 flights. My outdoor activity this weekend was a public event my Department does every year – The Great Insect Fair. We had approximately 8,000 people show up, mostly under the age of 10 year. A number of years ago I started doing a honey tasting at the Fair because most Americans have no idea that honey has different flavors, depending upon the floral source. It is great fun to watch people become enthused about honey. In addition to giving away honey we also sold a little over $1000 worth of honey. This money will be used to pay for the research we are doing. While I didn’t do any specific exercising Saturday I did managed over 10,000 steps! I’ve attached some photos below. [The picture of the man talking is my colleague John being passionate about  the galls insects cause plants to make. There are several photos of the Pennsylvania Honey Queen. She travels to events to promote honey and the kids are fascinated by her. The other photos are of the honey tasting table and the lines of people waiting to taste honey.

Here’s this week’s accomplishments:

Tuesday (28-Sept): 5 flights of stairs

Wednesday (29-Sept): aerobic walking 4.1 miles (76 minutes); 5 flights of stairs

Thursday (30-Sept): 5 flights of stairs

Friday (1-Oct): aerobic walking: 2.5 miles (42 minutes); 5 flights of stairs

Saturday (2-Oct): Great Insect Fair — 10,000+ steps

Sunday (3-Oct): lazy day

Monday (4-Oct): 5 flights of stairs

Tuesday (5-Oct): 2.5 miles (42 minutes); 10 flights of stairs!

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