Claude – still fighting the knee

Or is it the knee that is fighting me. I still don’t have an appointment for the MRI, but my doctor says that it’s OK to wait and see if it gets on the mend while I’m waiting. Meanwhile I do have physiotherapy session, which are definitely helping me. I am still taking painkillers but then, I don’t believe in suffering, do you? 😉

Like Lynn, I’m trying to reinforce the muscles that sustain the knee, both knees actually, and still walk quite a few steps. But no brisk walking for me. It’s too hard on my knees.
Also, I’ve given up on stairs, which are lethal (at least as far as pain is concern). And when sitting at the computer, I try to remember not to fold my legs under my chair, which is also lethal.
Here goes
From Monday September 27th, to Sunday October 4th 2010

Monday: 15mn flexibility, 10mn physical therapy moves, Single leg raises: 4 sets, 15 reps, Thighmaster: 2 sets, 15 reps, 12mn warming up, 13 mn cardio on elliptical, 5mn stretching 11,400 steps
Tuesday: 15mn flexibility, 10mn physical therapy moves, Single leg raises: 4 arms reinforcement:: 5 sets, 60 reps, 1kg,12mn warming up, 14 mn cardio on elliptical, 5mn stretching 10000steps
Wednesday: 15mn flexibility, 30mn physical therapy moves, Single leg raises: 4 sets, 15 reps, 14000steps
Thursday: 15mn flexibility, 10mn physical therapy moves, Single leg raises: 4 sets, 15 reps, 14mn warming up, 16 mn cardio on elliptical, 5mn stretching, 11000steps
Friday: 15mn flexibility, Single leg raises: 6 sets, 15 reps, arms reinforcement: 5 sets, 3×20 reps, 11mn warming up, 16mn cardio on elliptical, 3mn stretching
Saturday: 15mn flexibility, double leg raises: 1 set, 15reps, 10mn warming up, 18mn cardio on elliptical, 10000 steps, 30mn physical therapy session
Sunday: 15mn flexibility, lying single leg raises: 6 sets,15 reps, crunches: 6 sets, 15 reps, reverse crunch, 5 sets, 15 reps, 10mn warming up, 15mn cardio walk, 10500 steps, 15mn physical therapy



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6 responses to “Claude – still fighting the knee

  1. lynnbechtel

    Claude–Sorry to hear that your knee is still bothering you–but it does sound like it is improving slowly. It’s great that you can keep up with your step count.

  2. lilalia

    Claude, I know that you are on to things, but what I have noticed is that you are still walking great amounts each day. If most of your walking is on concrete, couldn’t it be a bit tough on your knees? Just a thought.

  3. Nancy

    Maybe we should write an Ode to Knees?

    You are doing well even with your knee bothering you. We tend to recover faster when not in pain so keeping moving but not over doing it sounds good. And it’s good that the physiotherapy is helping.

    Have you checked your shoes lately? Wearing shoes that have lost their support can make walking on concrete very hard on your knees.

  4. Sara

    Ok, an Ode to Knees…but who will write it? I nominate Nancy! (and if I get any ideas I’ll throw them out there…)
    I agree that you’re doing well. Good that your health system allows you to keep a close check on your progress…if it’s getting better, that’s the main idea!
    Do try sitting on the stability ball! I have disliked ALL my desk chairs including the “ergonomic” one – but I LOVE the ball! 😉

  5. Sara

    We could sing it to the tune “we are Siamese, if you please…”
    not very ode-like however…

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