I think we had a summer’s worth of rain in the last week! Sara and Nancy, I suspect you got even more than we did here in western Massachusetts. However, my cold cleared up early in the week so the only excuse I have for not exercising at this point is time.

My knee is certainly better than it was in August/early September but it’s not in as good shape as it was at this time last year (it’s really handy to be able to go back into the blog archives and see what I was doing for exercise last fall). Stairs are doable but my knee gets stiff and achy pretty quickly when I do a lot of stair climbing; I’m walking further than I was a few weeks ago but sticking to level routes and not walking quite as briskly as I usually do, etc. But the trend continues to be towards improvement, so that’s the good news.

sunday, 9/26–1.3 mi walk–took about 25 minutes

Monday 9/27–Full PT routine which consists of various leg lifts to work the quadriceps, hamstrings, hip flexors, glutes (30 of ea w/ ea leg), a few modified yoga poses, stretching (takes 20 – 25 min)

Tuesday 9/28–rain and sore knees–did quadriceps exercises, 10 min walk, 5 min on stationary bike

Wednesday 9/29–Sun! 25 min walk and full PT routine

Thursday 9/30–Rest day. Very stormy.

Friday 10/1–Rain let up in the late afternoon, 35 minutes walk, quadriceps exercises.

Saturday–1/2 hour lawnmowing, some other yardwork

Next week will be a challenge with several after-work events.



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4 responses to “Lynn–Rain!

  1. lilalia

    Hard to keep your spirits up when you have a cold and it is rainy outdoors. Still, you seemed to have managed to keep on going. Good for you.

  2. PT routine seems to be useful. I must say I avoid stairs as much as I can, especially going down, which I find really painful.
    Good to know that you are slowly getting back to normal. Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Nancy

    You did well despite the rain. As the weather gets gloomier you are going to be an inspiration to get out there even if the weather isn’t ideal.

    It sounds like it is a good idea to avoid stairs and uneven terrain. It’s clear that knees are a major weak point of the human body.

    We had rain in State College on Thursday, and lots of flash floods, but it was just gray on Friday and Saturday was wonderful.

  4. Sara

    30 of each lift, with each leg – ACK! You’re inspiring me…I think…
    That is a strenuous PT routine! Brava! Glad you’re getting better.
    Yes, rain. Saturday WAS nice but I had to dress up and sing at a wedding, and the ground is still pretty wet – makes digging very messy.
    Dry would be nice, no matter what the temp…

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