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Nancy – Needing to be more consistent

As fall arrives my time gardening is diminishing. It is going to be necessary to come up with a different weekend activity. Since I last posted I’ve only spent 5 hours gardening. Oh well, I did finish the quilt I was working on. Last weekend (Friday and Saturday) I was in West Virginia for a beekeeper meeting. The people were nice but the food was lacking in vegetables!  Lunch on Saturday consisted of over sweet baked beans, french fries and a sweet shredded beef on white bread bun. Fortunately there was a green salad (with a few carrots, and pieces of cauliflower and broccoli) and fruit.

Since I seem to be consistent about climbing stairs I’ve been thinking about using the stairs at least 2X per day.  I can get over 600 steps in by including a few circuits around the floors between my office and the entrance to the building. Even without great consistency I’ve managed to drop a couple more pounds. My goal is to lose weight as quickly as I put it on — about 10 pounds per year.  Since I joined ElderExercise my weight has dropped below my 10 pound goal for this year!

Here’s what I’ve accomplished since I last posted:

Friday (17 September) — Walk: 2.5 miles; 5 flights of stairs

Sunday (19 September ) — 4 hours gardening

Monday (20 September) — Walk: 4.5 miles (2 miles on campus and 2.5 miles home from work); 5 flights of stairs

Tuesday (21 September) — 5 flights of stairs

Wednesday (22 September) — Walked home from work 2.5 miles; 5 flights of stairs

Thursday (23 September) — Bicycled to and from work: 6 miles; 5 flights of stairs

Traveling Friday and Saturday; Sunday was a slug-a-bed

Monday (27 September) — Walked 4 miles (1.5 miles on campus 1.5, 2.5 miles home from work); 5 flights of stairs

Here are three pictures of the quilt that we will be using as a fundraiser to help pay for medical expenses for a co-workers daughter.

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