Sara – dead laptop, work overload, presentation – ACK!

Greetings from the front.  I couldn’t even remember when I posted last.  But I have some time & would rather post than clean my house so here goes!

The first event was the crashing of my laptop last Friday afternoon.  I managed to save on a flash drive the presentation that I’ve been preparing for the last few months.  WHEW.  Then I took it to my priest geek friend who pulled out the hard drive & put it in an external drive for me.  We agreed the rest of the computer was DEAD.  Then we ordered me a new computer.  I still don’t know who’s paying for it – but I have a sort of music slush fund so if my boss says NO, I can cover some of it that way.

On the desktop was my EE file, which is gone.  So I have just been reconstructing from sparkpeople. My strength training has gotten irregular again.  I’ve done grand plies and knee lifts while standing at the stove making my AM oatmeal…

Here goes, such as it is…

Wed. Sept. 15 – weight 141 lbs.  9256 steps, 47 min. of cardio – # of aerobic steps is lost…

Thurs. Sept. 16 – 3791 steps, 0 aerobic;  Friday Sept. 17 – 4471 steps – 0 aerobic.  Laptop crash day.

Sat. Sept. 18 – 11727 steps (6187 aerobic = 47 min. cardio = 3.06 mi. outdoor walking)

Sun. Sept. 19 – 11469 steps (6462 aerobic = 56 min. cardio = 2 mi. LS/1.53 mi. outdoor).  Grand plies 4×10; knee lifts 7×10.

Mon. Sept. 20 – 12008 steps (6234 aerobic = 50 min. cardio = 2.81 mi. outdoors).  1.5 mi. of this was carrying 8 lbs. of groceries on my back.  Woot!

Tues. Sept. 21 – 11180 steps (6767 aerobic = 50 min. cardio = 3.06 mi. outdoors)  Cardioglide 10×10.

Wed. Sept. 22 – 11589 steps (5139 aerobic = 41 min. cardio = 3 LS mi., 1 mi. w 2 lb. weights).   Grand plies 4×12; knee lifts 8×16.

Thurs. Sept. 23 – 3801 steps, 0 aerobic.

Fri. Sept. 24 – 11336 steps (5258 aerobic = 38 cardio min. = 2.55 mi. outdoors)

Sat. Sept. 25 – 13157 steps (7047 aerobic = 51 cardio min. = 3.06 mi. outdoors)

Now I will do this backwards and paste this into a notepad file.

Weight report – oscillating between 143.5 and 141 – but I’m pleased that the last few days have been 141 or 141.5.  I think I’m generally trending down.  Gotta admit I don’t really care that much about hitting 135 but 137 or 138 would be nice.

And tomorrow is the BIG PRESENTATION, including several songs – I’ve had to work rehearsals into this week too, but it is all going well, and I am feeling about as good as I can about it, given that I will improvise from a sort of bullet point outline (runs 7 pages) & try not to let it run too long.

No photos this week – too much on my plate!  Looking forward to hearing from all of you.  I DID get my hair cut but I did not get it dyed green – yet –




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4 responses to “Sara – dead laptop, work overload, presentation – ACK!

  1. lynnbechtel

    Sara–In spite of your busy schedule you got some great mileage in-way to go! And it does sound like you’ve had a frustrating time with your computer–amazing how much of our lives are stored on these fickle machines.

  2. lilalia

    Agree with Lynn, what a good record of exercise. Can’t imagine how you manage to uphold any equanimity with all those challenges to face.

  3. Wow! Great exercise, Sara. Sorry about the laptop. Hope they do something efficient about it and you don’t get to pay for any of it.

  4. Sara

    Thanks, everybody! Well, presentation is done & it went fairly well. The second part (when I was already over time) went better than the first when I was more leisurely. Oh well, next time I will know, if there is a next time (hopefully not soon…)
    New laptop is SWEET! And it does look like my boss is going to pay. 🙂
    I have backslid somewhat on exercise this week, just needing to chill out a bit…but haven’t gained weight! 🙂

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