Nancy – Juggling the new semester

While I’ve been missing from the group for the last 4+ weeks I have been exercising. Not as much as I would like but at least the new semester did not derail me completely.

Because Sam has decided to work from home two days a week I am walking from campus to home rather than asking Sam to come pick me up.  It is a 2.5 mile walk through a quiet residential area followed by a bike/walking path before arriving at my neighborhood that has no sidewalks. I would very much prefer to live where there are sidewalks but our house is otherwise great.  I’ll have to change my route if I continue to walk after it begins to snow because snow is not removed from the bike path.  My guess is that the walk will be extended at least 0.5 to 0.75 miles.  I continue to garden each weekend – except I took last weekend off so I could finish quilting a quilt that we will be used to raise money to help the daughter of my Department’s facilities coordinator (he takes care of all of our labs). His daughter was in a severe car accident a few months ago and our lousy medical coverage in the United States has left him with unpaid bills. Here’s my exercise list:

8/23 (first day of classes) 5 flights of stairs (stairs);
8/24 walk 1.6 miles, stairs;
8/25 walk 1.9 miles, stairs;
8/26 walk 2.5 miles, stairs;
8/27 (5+ hours of classes – first day of student labs) stairs;
8/28-29 gardening 4 hours;
8/30 walk 2 miles, stairs;
8/31 stairs;
9/1 walking 2.5 miles, stairs;
9/2 stairs;
9/3 walk 4 miles, stairs;
9/4-5 gardening 5 hours,
9/6-9 stairs;
9/10 walk 2.5 miles, stairs;
9/11-12 quilting!!;
9/13 walk 2.5 miles, stairs;
9/14 stairs;
9/15 walk 2.5 miles, stairs;
9/16 walk 1.5 miles, stairs, over 10,000 steps!

My walk from campus is very pretty. I’m taking pictures and will post more later as we get fall colors. Right now everything is still green with little hints of fall colors. The goldenrod is blooming and is quite pretty with its yellow flowers. The bees make wonderful honey from goldenrod and I’m looking forward to getting some of this honey from my bees. We already have harvested close to 1,000 pounds of honey from the spring flow!

The first picture is my building on campus and the second one is the administration building for the College of Agricultural Sciences where I have to go to submit my grants. The next photo is a pretty garden that I pass and the last two are along the bike/walking path.

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4 responses to “Nancy – Juggling the new semester

  1. Sara

    Wow, Nancy, good for you! What a great idea to walk to work. You’re reminding me of that nice bike path. When my work crunch is over, I’ll try to find some weekend time to ride down there and take the path. The goldenrod look so lovely.
    Wonderful record, considering everything you have to do at the beginning of school. 🙂

  2. lynnbechtel

    Hi Nancy. It’s great that you have a way to build exercise into your day–I always find purposeful exercise (getting from point A to point B) easier to stick with than “add on” exercise. Looks like a lovely walk.

  3. lilalia

    Hi, Lynn is right, walking with a purpose is much easier to do. It is interesting what you say about living in an area without sidewalks. Is that because it is so rural or did the city planners not do their job right? Great amount of gardening!

  4. That is quite a lot of gardening! Wow! And quite a lot of stairs too. Lovely photos!

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