Lynn–slowly back to exercise

Well, as Lia noted in her comment to my last entry, it’s 2 steps forward and 1 step back. I am getting back to exercise but oh, so slowly. I have to keep reminding myself that I was VERY sedentary for almost 6 weeks and it will take a while to get my conditioning back–and I still need to treat my knee tenderly (really, both knees need TLC).

I’ve been doing my full PT routine every other day and adding in some brief intervals of aerobic exercise. I finally joined a gym so that I can use the pool and eventually the elliptical and stationary bikes.

When I met with the PT today, she suggested I also include some gentle yoga into my routine, which will feel good.

Sept. 9–full PT routine (front, side, back leg lifts plus some core strengthening), stretching and range of motion exercises, 15 min walking.

Sept. 10–front leg lifts and stretching only

Sept. 11–full PT routine, brief walk, lots of errands

Sept. 12–front leg lifts and quad sets, stretching and range of motion, 15 minutes walking

Sept. 13–full PT routine, 10 min swimming laps

Sept. 14–nothing–on the go from time I got up until home at 9 p.m.

Sept. 15–front leg lifts, stretching and range of motion, a few yoga poses, 20 minutes walking



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5 responses to “Lynn–slowly back to exercise

  1. Sara

    Oh Lynn, you are doing so well. You really have a plan and you’re sticking to it. I’m impressed. I’m sure it will not be long before you feel your strength returning! 🙂
    The water exercise at the gym sounds like just the thing – I know it will help you a lot! Yay!

  2. lilalia

    Congratulations on the methodical and gentle way you are facing your task. Excellent. I went to a yoga course for the first time in years this week. It was with another teacher and it was amazing how gentle the course was. It really showed how important it is not only to choose carefully the right exercises, but also the right teachers.

    • Sara

      Lia, that is so true. I must admit that I was so spoiled by wonderful teachers in Miami, that I now shy away from yoga classes…the wrong teacher can make it a misery (and a danger)…but a really sensitive teacher makes it such a joy!

  3. Yes, it takes time to get back into it, doesn’t it? I read somewhere (Sara?) that 2 weeks was enough to get you to lose muscular strength. And of course we all know how hard it is to get it back.
    I too am going through PT. Hoping it will help.
    Good to know that you’re back into track.

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